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I’ve been sick. Very sick. I barely made it through my Japanese final presentation the other day. While presenting about the lovely regional Japanese food, I felt like I need to run to the restroom. I couldn’t bare to look at the picture of the food. I don’t even know why. In result, I’ve barely eaten anything for almost 3 days now. Surprisingly I ended up with a 30/30 for my presentation… Thank god.

Due to no classes yesterday, I decided to take a break and not think about any school related stuff. I tried to sleep but I kept getting strange nightmares… I was a little sunny yesterday, I wanted to take a walk but I could barely walk to the kitchen to get some water. .___. So then I ended up watching Clannad After Story, up to the lastest episode. I’m amazed on how far the story went into Nagisa and Tomoya’s life. I liked this story a lot! After watching Clannad, I remembered how much I use to love spending my time just watching… Anime.

After getting a peaceful 10 hours of sleep last night, I’m feeling a little better. I still feel a little dizzy sometimes though. And I’m still having problems eating. I just can’t seem to eat a meal! Aaaaaaa~~~ I just have to bare with 2 more finals. 2 more finals and I’m done for a whole month!!! Go Go!|||||

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