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Hawaii Vacay day 2: Getting the feel for Hawaii

This is our first full day in Hawaii and since we’re the first to arrive in our party we were pretty flexing as to what to do for the day. We didn’t really have a plan but what we did ended up doing was going to the aquarium and exploring downtown.
The aquarium was walking distance from the hotel so we decided to walk there. Again, I was feeling a little bit bitter about my car rental decision because it was a good thing that we walked because we got to see the scenery and also, there wasn’t much space to park at the aquarium. The entrance fee was $12 per person, which was cheaper than I expected.

Jelly fish from the Waikiki Aquarium. They make really good Live Photos haha
Me posing with this giant fish, which I never got his name

It was kinda cute how it was just staying there for people to take pictures with him haha.

Sea Horses hugging a seaweed..
Sea Horses hugging a seaweed..

This was kinda funny too because.. What were they doing? LOL We also saw a dead body of a baby sea horse in the little Sea Horse section which was sad :(I understand that things die I aquariums too but dam, how do the staffs not see it dead before opening up the aquarium 🙁 The aquarium over all was pretty small in size, but it was enjoyable, and definitely worth it for its price.

By the time we got done with the aquarium it was lunch time! Since a friend of mine recommended this Okonomiyaki place, we decided to give it try. It wasn’t too far from our hotel but. Since we were already sweating and hot from walking to the aquarium we decided to take the car out. The Okonomiyaki shop we went to is called Chibo located heart of a shopping district in downtown Wakiki. When we arrived at the restaurant it was just us and one other Korean family. Since the menu was fairly pricey, Arthur and I decided to share 1 Chibo Okonomiyaki and Garlic Fried rice. they were both pretty good!
Although it was pretty good, I don’t think it’s far off from something you can make at home. I think the restaurant mostly get high reviews from their customers because apparently they cook the Okonomiyaki in front of you. I do see that they have a teppenyaki station that you can sit in, but those were unavailable at the time we arrive. I later on looked them up in more details and apparently the location we went to was a new locations for them and many people talk about how they liked the old location better. So I guess I missed out on the main hype of Chibo’s Okonomiyaki. Oh well, it was still a very nice meal.
After Okonomiyaki we went to grab some Boba. The boba place Arthur’s sister wanted to go to is a 15 minute walk so we decided to walk there. I think the tea place is called TeaBoss. It was a cute little shop. Best part is that you can choose your sweetness level and they serve Mini boba!

Had to snap to the world that I got mini boba lol

After a day of exploring the Waikiki area we freshen up and met up with Arthur’s 4ii family and had Italian cousins near their hotel. 4ii’s husband got some sort of seafood risotto and it was SO good. I should have ordered it myself. If I ever go to Oahu again, I would definitely get that Risotto again, even if it was a pretty expensive dish.

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