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Hawaii Vacay Day 5: Wedding Day

Finally! Myke and Jasmine’s wedding day!!! Today is the reason we flew to Hawaii. Today we are fully booked for wedding stuffs and I’m super excited for it! Because we are one of the few family that actually rented a car, we’re on Taxi duty today.

Started our day like everyday so far in Hawaii, which is eating the complimentary breakfast. Right after the breakfast we drove 5ii to her car rental place and grab some sharpies from Office Max as the bride request. After coming back from errands I went to the Marriot Hotel room with all the other girls to get ready.
For the first time of my life I wore false lashes and hands professional hair dresser do my hair. The only reason the hair dresser did my hair, though, was because all the bridesmaids were busy doing their makeup lol. Here’s my finally look for the day. I decided to wear my Vince Camuto dress I got from Amazon so I can match Arthur’s pink dress shirt 🙂 I think we both looked pretty good for the wedding.
The wedding ceremony was at Waimanalo Beach, which is on the east side of Oahu. Waimanalo was probably the prettiest beach I’ve seen in a long time. The ceremony was pretty cheesy in a cute way, andI saw the pictures Jasmine and Myke took for their wedding pictures and it looked amazing! I wish I could share it to you guys, but I’m pretty sure they would rather not have their wedding pictures posted on a public blog lol.
Here are a few pictures of Waimanalo Beach, me and Arthur.
After the ceremony, we went back to the hotel to freshen up and head straight to The Willow, which is where the reception is at. The Willow had an amazing buffet, in which we had to walk out of the reception building to go get, but it was worth it.
I had around 3 drinks tonight. 2 rum cola and 1 Gin & Tonic. In which both are drinks I’ve always wanted to order and have a real bartender make it for me. I was so glad that when I ordered it the bartender knew right away what I was asking for. In the past when I order these drinks with waitresses they’re like”what?”. I mean, c;mon now, these are both pretty basic drinks that every bar is able to make.
Anyways, during the reception I got pretty drunk and honestly embarrassed myself by throwing up several times. But I had a lot of fun bonding with family.
Also I grab the brides banquet!! I was pretty intoxicated by then but I’m pretty sure all the ladies let me have it LOL
The wedding and reception was pretty casual and actually the most enjoying wedding I’ve been. I love Myke and Jasmine like family so I was sincerely happy for their marriage, and congratulate them from the bottom of my heart. I’m glad I was able to be part of an important event of their life, and I want to thank them for having their ceremony in Hawaii so that our family can all have a good reason to have a Hawaii Vacation all together.
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