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HondaiMood: Good and calm
Listening to: Paralle Days – Hirano Aya
Drinking: WATA!
Reading: Nothing
Working on: Math Homework
Browsing: Nothing o_O
Watching: Nothinggggg!

I’m so calm today you won’t even believe it! 😀 I’m totally cool about the fact that Tegoshi went to Thailand. Hahaha. XD

I woke up saying ‘What?!!!’ today. There was a reason for it but seriously, I rather not talk about it. .___. Anyway, I have my math finals today. 🙂 I’m not done with it yet but I’m almost. It’s due by Midnight. >__< My mom probably thinks I’m not doing well in my class because it looks like I slack off alot. But then once the class is done I want to surprise her that I did well. 🙂

Anyway, my friends Sachiko, Kumi-chan, Mei-chan and her sister came to my house. They surprised me!!! I thought Sachiko and Kumi-chan would have forgotten about me big time when they went to Hong Kong. So they?were?thinking about me, getting me atleast something.[I liked it too!]?:) Just that it made me very happy. And the picture on below is the stuff Kumi-chan and Sachiko gave me. Thank you Kumi-chan. Thank you Sachiko!

And I switch my phone to my mom’s old phone. Which is way better than the phone I had. I liked that phone but I really want to use the features on my mom’s old phone so hahaha. 😀 So Now I’m going to take random pictures and post them to go with my blog.

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