HondaiMood: Goo5
Listening to: Nanto Kanaru sa – NewS
Eating: Waiting for my late dinner.
Reading: ONE OK ROCK official Blog
Working on: Nothing
Watching: 😀

I’m slacking off again!!! >___< Tomorrow is Wednesday and I still haven’t started on my math. Sad isn’t it. Man. Only 2 more weeks to go. I really need to push myself.

Has anyone heard of the band?ONE OK ROCK? I really like their rock style.?They are so cool!!!?None the less I found their?official blog. I sometimes go there and?try?to understand what they write about each day. Surprisingly. I can get a little of what they are talking about. :D?Here is a link?of my favorite song by them. I’m sure they won’t disappoint you. XD

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