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Snow of Death

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O_O… That’s the expression I had while coming back from work. I was scared! So scared I’ll be honest. So, many of you know where I live.. sorta.. Anyway, right now the west coast of America is being hit by a snow storm. I heard even Vegas is snowing?(a lot?). It doesn’t usually snow a lot here. But now that we’re being hit by a bunch of snow. At my back door next to me I can see around 7-8 inch of snow. Yikes!??I was already amaze by 1 inch of snow 2 days ago.

This storm?needs to stop. While coming back from work our car that wasn’t driving fast just suddenly slid and it start spinning. Apparently there was a truck a little behind us and we were near the wall. We spun around 2 times! At that moment all I saw was lights, the wall, and?ofcourse?snow. We nearly hit some other car but surprisingly we didn’t hit anything. No cars and we were barely an inch away from the wall.

Everything just paused for a sec… then we moved on.

Man. What if I died at that moment? What would have happen? Don’t want to think about it. My life isn’t gunna end that easily like those people who choose to suicide.

Anyway, here’s a little bonus of what my back door looked like yesterday.

Let’s hope tomorrow things get better. Especially the roads. I haven’t gotten my 5 friends Christmas presents and Christmas is in like 4 days. And I have work tomorrow too! AH! どうしよ どうしよ?!?|||||

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