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The Seattle Snow

I haven’t seen it snowing this often in the Greater Seattle area in years! I think the last time I saw it snowing this much was when I still went to the UW. Most likely some time in the early 2010’s. When I woke up this morning and check the weather report, I saw that it’ll be snowrain for my morning commute. I got ready for work, grab my hooded coat, my umbrella and walked out the door. As I open the door I saw whiteness gracefully falling from the sky and slowly sticking on the the ground. I thought to myself, “This is definitely not snowrain” as I walked to the bus stop. the snow wasn’t so bad on my way to the bus stop, but while I was waiting at the stop with my umbrella in my hand, the snow piled up more and more- quickest I’ve seen ever in my life. Within less than 20 minutes, the streets were covered in inch of snow.

As the snow kept piling over my umbrella, I kept debating whether I should stay or go. So I made a gamble, if the bus doesn’t come in the next 30 minutes, I’ll stay home. But the bus came, so on my way to work I go. The ride to work wasn’t that bad. Only unusual thing was getting stuck at the bottom of a hill in Juanita but our bus driver was competent enough to get us through it quickly. I got to work safely with only about 15 minute delay.

My way home on the other hand was much chaotic than expected. Not only that there’s the surprise snow situation going, some gas truck flipped over on some part of I-5 which caused blockage on both sides. I left work at 4:30 and met with nothing but full express buses. I thought I was being smart by walking to University Street Station but that place was jammed pack as well. I ended up walking all the way to International District and took the bus around 640 and ended home late 7 o’clock. Funniest part of this all is that I ran into my brother on the same bus home. We didn’t notice each other til we got closer to home and everyone left the bus. We both left work the same time and got home the same time.

University Street Station at 6:00 PM

Seattle is a funny city. We always expect the unexpected yet we’re not prepared for it.

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