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Hawaii Vacay Day 3: Hiking Diamond Head and Ala Moana Mall

We started off day three with a hike on Diamond Head Monument with Arthur, his sister, 4ii’s husband and me. It decided to drive there since I heard they have decent parking there, and taking the bus there only means the pre hike to the hiking trail is a long way up.

The fare to park our car was $5 dollars which was the cheapest thing in the trip so far lol. We had to wait a little before parking. At the time we thought it was a long wait until we saw the amount of cars lining up at the end of our hike. It seemed like we went there at a pretty good time.
The hike started off kinda iffy. I heard the hike was good for beginners so when the hike started off with a sidewalk, I thought in my head “looks like we’re in for a lame hike”. But thank god I was wrong, it hike definitely got much more hikey along the way.

Rocky trails midway through the hike
Blue ocean view near the top of the mountain!
Blue ocean view near the top of the mountain!

The hike ended up being great. Great work out to the top of the mountain. Great view at the end of the hike. I think it was my favorite thing I did in this trip.

After the hike Arthur and I freshen up and went to the Ala Moana mall. It was a HUGE out door mall. Parking was also huge and free. We didn’t get to do much in the mall but we did got to look around.

Shirokiya, a huge Japanese cafeteria in Ala Moana mall.
Shirokiya, a huge Japanese cafeteria in Ala Moana mall.
View inside the mall
View inside the mall

At the end of the day we had sushi dinner with 4ii’s family and Arthur’s brother in their hotel. We also had some hot Sake with 4ii’s husband. This dinner was overall good. The sushi weren’t too over price and the quality is great. I think the most enjoyable part is drinking sake with 4ii’s husband and listening to 4ii and her husband talk about Arthur and his brothers childhood days. I think day 3 was overall my favorite day. Diamond Head was a great hike, got to get plenty of rest and explore more of the Honolulu area.

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