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Walking down a foggy path, heading toward that faraway shut door, so faraway that you can’t even see it, but you are sure one day you’ll make to that door. On the way, hoping to pick up the right key to open that door. Then open that destiny you hoped, yearned, and waited for so long.

That’s what I feel right now, it’s strange. I feel like I waiting for something that will be coming in around 2-3 years. What am I waiting for? Is it something I should be waiting for? Or should I be heading toward it?I’m afraid of reaching adulthood just because I will be missing my childhood. Right now I’m supposedly in the so called ‘青春’ (Seishun) period of my life. I hate that word. It has nothing to do with me. Everyone complains about high school drama, I have no drama to complain about. My life is blah, eh, geh, so boring~ I’m alone 70% of the time of my week. Sounds lonely doesn’t it. 

It’s not like I hate the moment right now though. I like it in fact, I’m just sad that my childhood, Seishun-hood was so short. The youngest in the family yet I have to grow-up the quickest in the family. I feel like it’s unfair sometimes. Like how I had to start working when I was 14. Comparing to what my brother was doing when he was 14.

I can’t wait until spring! I want to spring out of this Blues!|||||

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