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    Perfect Imperfections

    Welcome to another スマロス post. I should make that a category. lol Anyways, my dad caught me by surprise this weekend. He dropped the bomb saying “we got to clear everything off the floor by the 17th because they’re going to do our carpet that day.” The 17? That’s this Tuesday! A lot of people in my family are upset about my dad’s sudden announcement but I was just like eh, and did all I could. I’m not even mad I didn’t potato this weekend. I just packed stuff in boxes and move them downstairs. While I was working with sorting and packing stuff I did find something enjoyable to…

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    I rant so much about it on Twitter. I wrote so much about it on notepad. I wrote, thought, cry, and expressed myself in so many ways about how I feel about SMAP’s disbandment. The closer it got to the end of the year, the closer it became a reality to me. When I wake up tomorrow and the clock strikes midnight in Japan that’s when SMAP will officially become part of the past. And I’ll admit it I’m extremely sad. After writing so much about it, I think I’ll keep this farewell message short. I want to thank everyone who is a part of SMAP and help made them…

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    Peter Corp Dyrendal

    So yesterday someone on Instagram posted a cover of the Thai song Unlovable by Mild and I was like, omg I remember that song. So I started making a YouTube playlist of all the Thai songs I enjoyed. Then I ran into Peter corp Dyrendal’s old songs. Omg (again), how did I forget about this guy? He was probably my first celebrity “crush”. Saw him in my favorite Thai lakorn The Wind and The Stars that he starred in with Marsha. I remember owning one of his album… I think it was Version 4.0 because I remember the cover and the Foremost Milk ad on there lol. I remember joking…

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    Mood: Sleepy =w= Listening to: SWEET DROPS – PUFFY Playing: League of Legends Reading: – Watching: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Icon Credit: True Magic Warning: Extreme Fangirl Rant SO MAD! SO SAD! SO EXCITED. I have mix feelings about NEWS’s change. So just incase some of you guys don’t know NEWS. They are a Japanese boy band with 6 people in it. My most favorite band (if you don’t count SMAP AHAHA).  So 2 of the most popular members Nishikido Ryo  and Yamashita Tomohisa aka: Yamapi left the group. How can this be? >_< Yamapi is the leader of the group for god sake. Arg. I thought it would have been 6 people NEWS forever and…

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