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HondaiMood: Okay
Listening to: Cherish – AZU
Eating: Dinner, soon 🙂
Reading: 101 Japanese Idioms
Working on: Studying for Math test
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Watching: Clannad ep 8

I’m feeling much better after all that stress. By better, I mean much better. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. 🙂

I’m bored of my old routines and they remind me of sad and unpleasant thoughts. I need a break. So to make myself better, I’m going to try do unusual things. Sleep early, wake up early. Eat breakfast everyday, eat lunch everyday. Practice the piano everyday. Read a book everyday, watch anime everyday, read manga everyday. I’m going to try have a conversation with someone everyday. Go outside everyday. Take a walk whenever I can! Be inspirational~!

I figured that if I try to stay active everyday, I’ll get less easily tired. You think that would work? If my fortune said that this will be my best year yet so far, I’ll make it my best year! >_< I’m tired of handling other people’s problems *cough cough Ampy cough cough*, so I’ll take a little break from that now. Would that be a little selfish? I’m the only person she can talk things about…. I guess I’m lucky I have you guys. But what I need to stop thinking about things to much and start getting my body moving! I believe that that’s the kind of break I need!

Ps. I had a sweet dream the night before. “OH yes! 俺を走らせる~”♥ ^0^/ (and Hondai sings NEWS’s summer time when it’s snowing outside. XD)|||||

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