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The struggles of an ex-hardcore gamer

As many of you who has known me for the past 10 years I’ve been blogging, you all probably know that I’m an avid gamer.

Back in my high school days I was a hardcore MapleStory player. It was litterally my childhood if you read the blogs in my MapleStory tag. Then came League of Legends in my college days and it became something that defined who I was. I made many friends from gaming. Not to mention I’ve been always dating a gamer, and on my university years my sister was away in China so all is left of me is games, games and games.

Especially being a girl who play online games, you attract a big crowd of gamer dudes befriending you. I went form being shy otaku in HS who talked only to girls, to college twintail lolli who only has guy friends.
I graduated from university 3 years ago, I started working full time since. Since then, I notice it wasn’t only school that I graduated from, but I also graduated from several things;

  1. being broke all the time
  2. twin tails and the loli look in general
  3. procrastinating
  4. fan girling
  5. gaming

It’s kind of weird to think that back when I was in school I would rather be playing tetris on Facebook over doing my reading assignments. If I had to do reading assignments now, I’d be too annoyed of the stress of not having it done to have fun doing anything else. Not to mention reading has been pretty enjoyable lately. I’ve had an agreement with my sister to finish at least a book a month since May and I’ve been liking that a lot. Although.. I haven’t started on my July book yet and we’re halfway there. Maybe I should write my book of the month entries too lol.

Back on to the topic, ever since I started working  I’ve been playing games less and less. At first I thought it’s because I’m busy but later I started realizing that rather than being busy, it’s more like I’d rather be doing something else  than drowning myself in a single game. This is the moment I truly understood the meaning of “killing time”. The only time I play games now is to kill some time while I’m waiting to do something else. For example, I would log onto Overwatch to kill some time while waiting for my laundry to be done. Or I would kill some time before I go to bed. Of course I still have some times where I would play just because I feel like playing but a lot of times it’s not like that anymore. And for some reason, the times I’m online to play the games with friends, my friends are never online during those times. So there, another point I barely play games hardcore anymore. The worse part about being an ex hardcore gamers is that your friends are still hardcore gamers. So when the time comes a new game launches, you play casually mean while your friends a miles ahead of you and already know everything you need to know about the game before you get to start exploring.

A lot of times I feel jealous of the girls nowadays that are ‘cool’ because they’re pretty hardcore gamer while I’m trashed away in the casual corner. Then again, knowing that my life is more than just online gaming is a great feeling as well.
It’s time to go otaku on something new.. because hey, lets be real here, online gamer girls are the new mainstream and I hate being mainstream so :p todaloo online gamer girls.
Time to be an otaku in visual novels. Ha ha HAha

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