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Surprise! Strawberry Festival ?

So this past weekend my boyfriend decided to plan a surprise day trip under 1 condition: I wear my strawberry shirt. I was like, okay sure, I’m down. So Saturday morning, I woke up at 6 am, put on my strawberry shirt, and head out for the day.

The first step was to take the bus to downtown Seattle. After we arrived downtown, we started to walk towards the Ferry Docks then lined up for the Water Taxi to Vashon Island. Apparently, it’s a special weekend route since the Water Taxi to Vashon doesn’t usually run on the weekends. At this point, I still had no idea what we were doing but I was excited none the less because I haven’t actually taken the Water Taxi to Vashon Island before. While we were waiting in line, there were a few people making comments about the Strawberry Shirt I was wearing. I started to get very irritated because it felt like I was drawing too much attention, so my boyfriend eventually revealed that we’re going to the Strawberry Festival. whaaaaaaaaaat

Once we arrived at Vashon Island, we got on the shuttle to the Island’s downtown. The shuttle was literally on a Yellow Schoolbus, it was awesome! Since we arrived at the festival early, it was pretty chill being able to browse the stalls without too much foot traffic.

Boxed Water & Locally Brewed Coffee

First thing after we decided to hydrate. I got myself some locally brewed coffee (they use paper straws here!) and they were also handing out these boxed water. I’m loving this place already!

After browsing around for a good hour, the parade started. The parade wasn’t too well organized but, it was actually so much fun. Something about it felt very down to earth, authentic, and very much community-based. It wasn’t super flashy or anything, but it gave me a lot of good laughs. My favourite was definitely the local grocery store employees wearing sunglasses and pushing grocery carts down the parade with swag. I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard! I guess just wasn’t expecting it.

Some other fun parade floats one was for a parade ‘float’ was the local gym one where they just stop in front of us and started to do a few sets. And then they also had Summer Santa asking for money in his santa hat because I guess he’s unemployed during the summer. LOL

Summer Santa!

After the parade, we got pretty hungry so we looked for food. I got this New York-style Italian Sausage Sandwich (doesn’t that just make it a hotdog?) Which was BOMB! I didn’t get to take a picture though. But my boyfriend had the cheesesteak sandwich from this one Lebanese place. I tried a bite of his stuff, it was so good too. There’s definitely something about eating food at a festival that makes it taste 10 times better. Is it just me?

Fries & Cheesesteak

After we both had our savoury meal, it was time for dessert. We’ve been to a few street fairs this summer and every time we wanted an ice cream sundae, we couldn’t seem to find a stall for it. This time around we saw this Strawberry Sundae place. We are at a “Strawberry Festival” after all(´∀`*)

Strawberry Sundae

This sundae was so basic, but it was soooooo goooooood. The vanilla ice cream was so smooth and the contrasting flavour with the sour strawberry topping was just perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect!

Overall, I enjoyed the Strawberry Festival at Vashon Island a lot. It made it a lot more exciting when my boyfriend surprised me. I honestly don’t know if I would have said yes if he asked me directly instead of making it a surprise. We’ve been to a handful street festivals this summer, so I would probably lean more towards a no. My plans this past weekend was to just relax at home, which I ended up doing the following Sunday anyways. So I’m very happy that we ended up going out. I guess there’s something about that surprise factor. We should totally do this more often!

Best view of Seattle is definitely on the ferries !!d(* ̄∇ ̄)
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