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Osu! 1000 PP!

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As of today I’ve officially reached 1000 PP on osu! Woop Woop. I wish Isabelle (from ACNL) would give me some pops in my pocket, hehe.

1000 PP feels great. Now 2000 PP is going to be the real challenge. I’ve been browsing around other osu player profiles who are in the 1000+ PP range to see what maps they have in their top 100 PP list and… I’m having a hard time beating them. My current issue lies in streaming and hitting fast notes. I’m blaming it on my keyboard, the Blackwidow Chroma Stealth Edition. Because it is using the Razer Orange switches, the keys are fairly heavy and does not feel swift enough to do streams or even quick jumps. So here is what I did instead of buying a whole new keyboard: I bought a mini two button keypad with Cherry MX Red switches. We’ll see how this goes.

There are times when I feel like I’m getting good at osu. And other times when I feel like I’m bottom tier player. What really matters though if I enjoy playing the game, which I do! Rome was not build in one day so I should be happy I’ve reach a milestone of 1000 PP. It might not be anything special to the osu community, but what matters most is that it means something to me.

Current Osu PP: 1027 …. 2000 PP here I come!

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