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I feel so dam fat

Ugh… I’ll get right on point, I feel so dam fat. It’s so annoying to see myself in the mirror and to frown and think, I used to be so skinny. I really used to be skinny, hovering around 89-92 lbs. At one point I dropped to 84 lbs and I still look healthy (I had a small belly and you can’t see my bones). Trust me, my body was probably designed to be around 90 lbs even with muscles.

With all that information, you know how fat I am now? I’m at 108 lbs! = = To a lot of people they’re say, “you’re so skinny!” but I know myself best, I gained 20 lbs and that’s not a good thing

iPhone pics 881

Me in June 2014 aprox 89 lbs


Me in July 2015.. aprox 100 lbs

You probably can’t see the difference but, my tummy got bigger, my thighs got fatter, my face got rounder and my arms got bigger. ARG! The only good thing is that my boobs got bigger (LOL)


Why did I got in a habit of eating such junky food when I didn’t exercise much. Why is it so embarrassing to work out in front of people I know. = = why was my 10 hour shift so tiring.

Now that I’m back home, I really hope I can get back into a good habit of not pigging out too much and especially to motivate myself to exercise! I really want to get back to 90 lbs.

A New Look

You know, I care a lot about my hair. I’m so picky about how it is done, and I would get extremely upset if my hair is done incorrectly. I was so picky that one point I tried to cut my own hair…That did not turn out very well.  Strict rules here; front blunt straight bangs, little fringe on the side to shape the face, no higher than 1 inch layers in the back, straight back line, no v shape! The moment any of these rules are broken, I instantly regret the money I spent on my hair cut. I’m fortunate enough to find a hairstylist that actually know what is up.

Anyways, let’s get to the main point of this entry… A new look! Last time my sister and I went to Foxy Cut we were pretty happy with the results. Since it was our first time we went a little subtle with the hair changes. Since we were pretty happy with the results, this time around, we decided to go a little bit more crazy.

Okay.. Maybe it is more than just a little bit, we went a LOT more crazy this time. My sister went full blond, I decided to go full red with the ombré.


Me and my Red

My sister getting her hair bleached

That picture is actually a 2nd refreshed after it fade out. I couldn’t find a good picture of when it was freshly dyed. Sadly red fades pretty quickly. By the end of the 2nd week, the vibrant red would fade away. The 3rd-5th week semi faded red is actually my favorite time. It’s still clearly red, but not as bright. Then after that the faded out red is a little bit ugly… It looks like a brown dye that went wrong.

My sister was super brave with the full blond. She rocked it so well. I would love to try that one day. Oh my oh my would I catch a lot of eyes with the blond.

In general, I was pretty happy with this style and stayed with it few a good year and a half. I would go back to it, maybe once I get a stable job again.

New Hair Color!

So yesterday my sister and I decide to go dye our hairs for the first time and the experience was … Rather adventurous.

On our way to the salon it first started raining … A slightly harder rain than the ordinary Seattle rain. But then if got harder and windier … And the next thing we knew it was a hailing thunder storm and that hail hurts ):<

Out of all the salons, we decide to go to this place in downtown Seattle, Foxycuys, a tiny salon owned by a very interesting and welcoming man name Miguel. He spend the entire day pretty much doing our hair. It was an amazing experience !! It’s as if I went to meet up with a friend and he did my hair.

How my hair turned out in the end (^_^) I wish the red would show up abit more on camera, but in person it truly is amazing. It’s a masterpiece !!

Lately I’ve been missing Arthur so much.. Maybe my patience of not physically seeing him has gone less ever since he came to visit in Dec. It It was one of the best times of my life. we were together for 9 days straight and barely lost sight of each other. I didn’t get sick of him or annoyed of him at all. I only wanted more and more of him… Now that he’s not here, my room feels so empty . All the time I spend talking to him never feels enough. And sleeping just got harder because he’s not near me.

That said, I am also okay with the distance. Although it’s true that we don’t get to see each other much, he never makes me feel insecure at all. He always make sure I know he loves me, and always make sure I’m happy ^__^ with him I feel so happy, I can’t possibly ask for more.

He’s all that I ever wanted.
I want to cherish him for as long as I could.
I want to have a future with him.

Love you so much ❤︎

Pretty Girl

Hello August! The month I start freaking out that “summer is ending soon noooooooooooo!” Welp, today I just feel like writing a little something about ‘looks’. I’m often told that I lack confidence in myself, yada, yada, well, of course I don’t think I’m the prettiest girl in the world out there, non the less I never really thought of myself as cute, beautiful, or any of that. I went from cute, to meh, to ugly, to meh, and now I think I look … So much better than the past 5 years.

Now some people out there might think that looks shouldn’t matter, it’s all about who you are. My take on that is, true what is ‘inside’ matters a lot, but what is ‘outside’ matters a lot too. Now if you have a good ‘inside’ why not try to make your ‘outside’ better too. I think anyone can look good if you put some effort brushing yourself up a little. I was just talking about this with my boyfriend the other night and I said that HAIR is important, he thinks BODY is important. I guess that’s true though.. someone with a good body can always look good haha. But hey, good hair days for me are like, best looking days no matter what.

Anywho, I here are some pictures to show you all what I’m talking about.

— I guess I was gunna post some pictures of my good hair day VS bad hair day but I wonder why I never posted this LOL (8/18/16) —