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    A New Look

    You know, I care a lot about my hair. I’m so picky about how it is done, and I would get extremely upset if my hair is done incorrectly. I was so picky that one point I tried to cut my own hair…That did not turn out very well.  Strict rules here; front blunt straight bangs, little fringe on the side to shape the face, no higher than 1 inch layers in the back, straight back line, no v shape! The moment any of these rules are broken, I instantly regret the money I spent on my hair cut. I’m fortunate enough to find a hairstylist that actually know what…

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    Pretty Girl

    Hello August! The month I start freaking out that “summer is ending soon noooooooooooo!” Welp, today I just feel like writing a little something about ‘looks’. I’m often told that I lack confidence in myself, yada, yada, well, of course I don’t think I’m the prettiest girl in the world out there, non the less I never really thought of myself as cute, beautiful, or any of that. I went from cute, to meh, to ugly, to meh, and now I think I look … So much better than the past 5 years. Now some people out there might think that looks shouldn’t matter, it’s all about who you are.…

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    Rainbow Nails

    Mood: Mellow Listening to: 青い栞 – 秦基博 Playing: League of Legend with some LeBlanc action Browsing: Facebook keke Watching: Youtube Nail Videos Yay! Finally I tried and didn’t fail a nail-art design. Last time I had pretty nail art were these strawberry ones. And.. I totally didn’t do those myself. Max did them for me ^_^ I got so many compliments for that haha. Anyway, the other day I found this nail art channel on youtube via Cali’s blog entry and this one rainbow nailart I saw was super cute and I wanted to try it. aren’t they cute?! Well anyways today Max and I went to RITE-AID and I saw these…

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