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    Making Amends with Gundam SEED Destiny

    Ten years ago I fell in love with Gundam SEED. In the past week, I re-watched it for the 5th time and I am still in love it. But when it comes it’s sequel, Gundam SEED Destiny, I feel kinda iffy about it. I don’t remember the details of the story all too well, but what I do remember clearly is the fact that I hated it. I hated it so much that I gave it a rating of 6 on MyAnimeList, which is a score I tend to give shows that I want to love but I just can’t. Of course I remember exactly why I hated it: 1.…

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    Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

    I’ve been on a spree on catching up with SMAP member content (drama, smasma ep, etc) and here’s one, Miyazaki’s 2004 film, Howl’s Moving Castle. I’m personally not a huge fan of Miyazaki films. I enjoy them and I think they’re intriguing but it’s not something I would put on my favorite list. Well anyways, the reason why Howl’s Moving Castle has anything to do with SMAP is because Kimura Takuya voices Howl. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from him as a voie actor. I thought that at most he is able to provide a unique voice that suits some characters but I was wrong. Howl is depicted as a…

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    The Time Traveler

    So recently there has been a particular genre that’s been quite appealing to me. And that genre is time travel! There’s just something very intriguing about having the time slip situation. The most popular time travel anime as of recent is Boku Dake ga Inai Machi. Many people say they didn’t like it because the ending was bad, or there weren’t any mind-blowing plot twists (eg. the people who comment “IT WAS SO OBVIOUS WHO IT WAS”), I was fine with the way it was. It was very, very well directed and easily found it’s place into the classics. Another Anime would be RE:Life. Ah, you might argue “there’s no…

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    Code Geass

    Ahhh~ Yet another anime left me speechless at the end. Watching Anime with Ampy sure is the best thing ever. 🙂 Well, you probably guess by now that the anime I finished is Code Geass R2. So if some of you haven’t watch the whole thing yet, and hate spoilers, I don’t recommend you to read this entry O__O After finishing the first season, I still didn’t understand why Lelouch was #1 was 2007 list. I didn’t understand how he could beat Kira or Athrun. But when the 2nd season came, I started to understand. Finall the last episode, it was like “uhhh I see He deserved that spot, that honorable guy….” But don’t you think so too?…

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