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Life Update

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Life’s been so busy lately… I can’t believe Hoshiru is getting neglected again. No! I won’t let that happen! T_T.. Well anyways, I got a few updates to talk about here.

In case I never mentioned on here.. I’m back in school again! I decided to take classes for an associates degree Web Application Development! Going back for that webmaster dreamヽ(≧▽≦)ノ wooo! For this quarter I’m taking 8 credits, 3 classes. We’re currently on Week 3, and so far so good! I’m staying on top of all my assignments and still know what’s going on in class. (that sounds weird to say but TBH, by the time midterms come around I’m usually already behind in class). This time around I’m going to give school my all!!

Funny thing is, the same week I started school, my sister was getting ready to move to Japan so I was helping her out with moving shenanigans. I’m a little sad that my sister is moving away.. AGAIN! Well,  she’s been living abroad on and off since we’re in college so I’m used to it by now.

Work has also been picking up like crazy. Because some of our newer team members haven’t seen our work volume this high before, they don’t understand the importance of getting it done ASAP. So then, I start feeling pressured to get the work done or else other teams will start criticizing our team when the work starts piling up later in the day. There was even a day where I skipped lunch just to make sure I clear all the work before our cutoff time at 3 PM. Unfortunately, I feel like I’M the only one in my team who feels pressured this way.ಠ╭╮ಥ I really wish my teammates would put more effort in our work.

And there you have it! Family, School, Work… That’s what’s pretty much keeping me busy lately. I guess this is what people usually mean when they’re ‘busy with life‘. Even if I’m busy, I’m still going to try my best to not neglect what’s important to me because I remember regretting doing so in the past. Never forget!

​ 10th Anniversary & Whats Next?

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Happy 10th anniversary to Hoshiru! Actually, someone please punch in me the face because that happened almost 2 months ago. It was Hoshiru’s 10th anniversary on March 26th. I had a long pre-written post for it.. well.. several versions of them. I also planned a huge celebration but by the time it hit the 26th, I trashed everything. Instead, I’ve been thinking of taking a different approach with Hoshiru. So that’s what I want to talk about today. ( ´ ▽ ` )b

I used to kinda hate the “hey look I’m a blogger” type of blogs where everything is so structured and some what commercialized. Reason for that is because I grew up in the Anime Graphics community where most of us would have our main graphics site and our blog on the side for more personal things. I used to love reading those because 1) you learn a lot about who’s behind those graphics and 2) it’s a great way to make friends. Even though many of us just skim through the blog posts and leave a comment because we want them to comment back on our website, *I’m guilty of that too lol*, sometimes you’ll find blogs that are so captivating, you sincerely want to become friends with that person. Unfortunately, that community is pretty much dead now. You still have websites like that’s up and running, but Melfina obviously has not updated the site in a long time. As for me, TrueMagic has been on Hiatus since 2011. I never finished the remodeling project and it’s been stuck like that ever since. (screw you cutenews). Though I miss it, I have no intentions of bringing TrueMagic back to life. Not at this point at least… I actually might just make it as my icon dump.

On to Hoshiru, I’m thinking of making Hoshiru more structured. It will still be about me but I’m going to section the blog into 2 main categories, General Life and Entertainment. Pretty much IRL versus internet stuff. Within General Life you’ll find the daily blog stuff like work, rants, food, travel, etc. Meanwhile the entertainment section will be me blogging about games, anime, and just any random thoughts about my online recreational activities. It’ll still be written in bloggy informal writing style but I’ll be writing each entry with a specific theme in mind. For example, I won’t be mixing posts about Osu with my life struggles. Overall, let’s just say that I decided that Hoshiru will be my Otaku Lifestyle Blog, because let’s face it: I’m otaku to the core.

So things to expect:

  • More refined blog posts (I think I’ll edit my blogposts before publishing them now)
  • More images
  • Shorter and more concise
  • Maybe new layout


TLDR; Nothing major will be changing about Hoshiru, just the mindset when I write entries.

PS. I’m trying out this Bloglovin’ thing. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

That’s it for now. Signing off.

BBB: Bring Blogging Back!

It’s been a long journey of me trying to fix up Hoshiru, trust me it was a mess in the background. All the spam comments, broken links and not the mention how hard it was to navigate my old layout … gee. Alright guys, please welcome version 10! As you probably can tell, this is not a theme I made on my own, all coding has been out sourced. One of the reasons I have been giving up on fixing Hoshiru on my many attempts is mostly dealing with WordPress. I was thinking of moving to a different blogging program, but I really didn’t have the patience to learn something new. I was looking at Tumblr, but there was something about Tumblr that I didn’t feel the “blog” like feel from. So in the end I decided to go easy on myself and go with something easy first and maybe when I feel like making my own layout again I will bring that to Hoshiru. It was more important to bring the website back to life so BAM! I did it today! (yes, yes, I do want a cookie for accomplishing such a simple task lol)

I’ve been neglecting blogging so much its crazy! Where have I been? What have I been doing? Most people would know nowadays because of social media but hey, I don’t like thinking of Hoshiru as another one of my social media. Hoshiru is my friend that I can talk to like no one I ever can (maybe with my sister.) I know I shy away from writing on Hoshiru when more of my “real life” friends and family found out about it but I’m not going to let that stop me now.

I’m going to be a little sad that the past years of me not writing is going to become one of those blank years in my memory. I remember when I lost my first version of Hoshiru because I screwed some Cutenews business up lol. Man, I still cry about that every time I think about it.

Well, instead of filling up all the stuff I want to talk about in one entry I’m going to write finish some entries up that I have listed as -draft- and also write new ones of events I can remember in separate entries.

Menma x Hoshiru

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Please welcome version 9: 思い出にできない featuring the lovely Menma! I hope using this image was okay. I found it while browsing Menma pictures on google. I like it alot so I wanted to use it >_<. Also for the name of the layout ‘omoide ni dekinai’  pretty much means ‘can’t make you a memory’. I thought the phrase suited the the あの花 series well so.. why not?!

As for adding the wordpress codes to change the layout to a WP Theme I spent my entire morning (1am-6am) doing it. I was having most problems with the navigation bar or wordpress calls it the sidebar. I still haven’t widgitized it yet. I think I’ll do that some time later. For now, I am satisfied with the layout so I am taking a break!

Today (The 3rd in my mind) is a special day for me. I’ll call it 1.5 since Max called it that today x) You know, no matter how long you’ve been with someone sometimes finding good timing is still difficult. Especially when you don’t want to say the same thing you do every time. Keep it fresh, keep it special! Ahaha

I love my dark chocolate ♥

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