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    Greetings! 2019 Hoshiru Plans

    Ahehe … –awkwardly waves from afar- Hey, what’s up, hello. Yes, it is I, Mana, Wilda, Hondai writing a post on Hoshiru. Crazy huh. I’m not going to lie, but, I really do miss it here. I spent so much time last year revamping the site just to neglect it again. I guess I should stop apologizing about it since I’m honestly writing on here purely for my own entertainment. If you’re reading this, you must be awfully interested in me. Or maybe you just find it entertaining. Either way, I do appreciate your interest (as long as it doesn’t start getting into the creepy zone). So, “what have you…

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    ​ 10th Anniversary & Whats Next?

    Happy 10th anniversary to Hoshiru! Actually, someone please punch in me the face because that happened almost 2 months ago. It was Hoshiru’s 10th anniversary on March 26th. I had a long pre-written post for it.. well.. several versions of them. I also planned a huge celebration but by the time it hit the 26th, I trashed everything. Instead, I’ve been thinking of taking a different approach with Hoshiru. So that’s what I want to talk about today. ( ´ ▽ ` )b I used to kinda hate the “hey look I’m a blogger” type of blogs where everything is so structured and some what commercialized. Reason for that is because…

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    BBB: Bring Blogging Back!

    It’s been a long journey of me trying to fix up Hoshiru, trust me it was a mess in the background. All the spam comments, broken links and not the mention how hard it was to navigate my old layout … gee. Alright guys, please welcome Hoshiru.net version 10! As you probably can tell, this is not a theme I made on my own, all coding has been out sourced. One of the reasons I have been giving up on fixing Hoshiru on my many attempts is mostly dealing with WordPress. I was thinking of moving to a different blogging program, but I really didn’t have the patience to learn something new.…

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    Menma x Hoshiru

    Please welcome Hoshiru.net version 9: 思い出にできない featuring the lovely Menma! I hope using this image was okay. I found it while browsing Menma pictures on google. I like it alot so I wanted to use it >_<. Also for the name of the layout ‘omoide ni dekinai’  pretty much means ‘can’t make you a memory’. I thought the phrase suited the the あの花 series well so.. why not?! As for adding the wordpress codes to change the layout to a WP Theme I spent my entire morning (1am-6am) doing it. I was having most problems with the navigation bar or wordpress calls it the sidebar. I still haven’t widgitized it…

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