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ACNL: May In Hoshido

Wowzer, May went by super fast. It feels like it just started but we’re already 1 week in to June. The weather is getting warmer in downtown Seattle, and it’s definitely getting warmer in Hoshido as well. Mosquitoes are out at night now, yikes! Well let’s see what happened in Hoshido this past May…


We started off with Timmy & Tommy merging with Leif’s nursery. Thus, now called T.I.Y. They now offer KK Slider’s CD so this definitely helps with my KK Slider obsession, I can get all the CD’s faster! Muahahaha. Leif also started selling indoor plants. Inspired by Molbak’s hidden cafe, I got the idea of having an indoor garden merge with my kitchen/dining room. Ahh! This is going to be exciting. With 500k per expansion though.. It’s going to take awhile lol.


Speaking of house decors, I also recently redecorated my main room. The theme here is traditional & green. How do you like it? I crapped up the room on purpose so it feels like those tiny Tokyo apartments. How do you like it?
Good news, Hoshido finally got a perfect town rating! We did it! Isabelle granted me the golden watering can. Not that I really need it since everyone in town help water the flowers anyway, but it’s still such an honor. The moment Isabelle said the residents think Hoshido is “the best town ever!” I was nearly in tears :’)

Also, a little clip of the fishing tourney this month. Congratulations to Boone on 1st place, and Phoebe on 2nd! Honestly, I just let Boone with so he feels accomplished… Now I’m secretly hoping he’s ready to move on to a new town lul


Let’s not forget, Happy Birthday to my favorite Monkey, Deli! You got to love Deli man. Both Deli and I have a thing for sharing our craving phases. Which I wonder what his summer cravings gunna be.

Well, that’s a wrap for Hoshido! I honestly haven’t been doing much in town since I’ve been back on Osu and obsessively trying to gain PP again.

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