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Menma x Hoshiru

Please welcome version 9: 思い出にできない featuring the lovely Menma! I hope using this image was okay. I found it while browsing Menma pictures on google. I like it alot so I wanted to use it >_<. Also for the name of the layout ‘omoide ni dekinai’  pretty much means ‘can’t make you a memory’. I thought the phrase suited the the あの花 series well so.. why not?!

As for adding the wordpress codes to change the layout to a WP Theme I spent my entire morning (1am-6am) doing it. I was having most problems with the navigation bar or wordpress calls it the sidebar. I still haven’t widgitized it yet. I think I’ll do that some time later. For now, I am satisfied with the layout so I am taking a break!

Today (The 3rd in my mind) is a special day for me. I’ll call it 1.5 since Max called it that today x) You know, no matter how long you’ve been with someone sometimes finding good timing is still difficult. Especially when you don’t want to say the same thing you do every time. Keep it fresh, keep it special! Ahaha

I love my dark chocolate ♥

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