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Oh Noes!

HondaiMood: Good but not so good either
Listening to: Alibi – NewS
Eating: About to make breakfast after this
Reading: Nothing
Working on: Math
Watching: Snow Express (Live) – NewS on Youtube

Yes! I really am in oh noes this time! My computer’s Vista is not working! I need the activation key D: The thing is my vista hasn’t been working properly. And it’s kinda…. ya know… Anyway, all I can do on this thing is browse on Mozilla Fire Fox.?Atleast?and I can still browse the internet. They’re nice enough to live me just a browser floating in blank black space.

*sighs* Oh well. I guess I was kinda expecting it anyway.

Yesterday my friend Mei-chan came over to my house for a bit!! 😀 Finally we get to talk! It’s been the longest time since we actually get to talk and stuff. She came by my house and returned the manga she borrowed. Then Ampy showed her the Magazine we got from?Uwajimaya?last week. She was happy seeing it. XD I mean she’s a huge fan of….. boys? Hahahaha

After watching Yamapi talking about what they did in their?Pacific Tour 2007-2008, I really can’t wait for the DVD to come out! It’s coming out on?August 13th. Can’t waaaaiiiitt! I want to watch another performance of?Snow Express?and Tegomasu’sKiss~Kaerimichi no love song.?Here’s a link?to their live performance of Snow Express in their tour?Never?Ending?Wonderful?Story live 2006-2007. 😀 Watch it when you’re bored or something.
*points to the left*?It’s Tegoshi doing ‘Snoooowwww Express’. 8D Hahaha

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