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Osu! Switching from Mouse Only

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I don’t think I ever blog about Osu before. I mean, there isn’t much to say about it. I’ve always loved playing Osu. I kinda stopped for a year or so but in the past summer when I got my new mouse Osu got fun again so I started playing more. I got fairly good with mouse only Osu. Okok, by good I actually mean decent. You know, I can never understand how people play keyboard x mouse, it seems so hard :< every time I try I always fail so I always just go back to mouse only playstyle.

This is what a stream is in Osu

Sadly I’ve gotten to the point where the mouse only playstyle has become limiting. It takes extra practice because streams are difficult with just the mouse. When you click the mouse button, it causes a slight pause in movement and also some vibration that shifts the mouse position. This is what creates the extra set of practice I have to do with mouse.

Since I got a tablet for Christmas it’s the perfect time to switch to tablet x keyboard combo. First time I tried it, I can’t hit anything accurately. I had to learn how to do 2 things all over again; rhythmic aspect on the keyboard and position accuracy with the tablet. Let me tell you this right now, THIS IS NOT AN EASY SWITCH FOR ME. It felt like I was learning how to play Osu all over again!! I got really bummed out that I couldn’t play as well as I could on the mouse. So I quit. (Hondai the quitter since 1992...) JK. Last weekend I finally suck it up and practiced. It’s gotten more enjoyable now that I’m a little better at it but strangely it’s enjoyable in a different way than playing with mouse. I still prefer mouse right now. That sense of joy when you hit the perfect star formation or tornado combo with mouse, It makes you feel awesome. Maybe when I get better with tablet I’ll start enjoying that again.

The good thing about this switch though is that I don’t strain my right hand as much. It gets distributed to my left hand as well. I played 3 hours straight last night and now the next day I don’t feel any pain. Always make the better switch for your health right? Haha I actually played more than 3 hours throughout the day, but I was doing a secret stream since I knew I will be playing for awhile. Also, I like listening to myself play Osu while I’m at work… That’s actually the real reason I streamed.. That sounds so egocentric LOL

Well, hopefully if I keep playing I can get do 10 AR with no problem eventually. New years resolution for 2017? (jk)

Current PP 629.. Do you think I can reach 800 by the end of the year? Believe it!

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