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Hello August! The month I start freaking out that “summer is ending soon noooooooooooo!” Welp, today I just feel like writing a little something about ‘looks’. I’m often told that I lack confidence in myself, yada, yada, well, of course I don’t think I’m the prettiest girl in the world out there, non the less I never really thought of myself as cute, beautiful, or any of that. I went from cute, to meh, to ugly, to meh, and now I think I look … So much better than the past 5 years.

Now some people out there might think that looks shouldn’t matter, it’s all about who you are. My take on that is, true what is ‘inside’ matters a lot, but what is ‘outside’ matters a lot too. Now if you have a good ‘inside’ why not try to make your ‘outside’ better too. I think anyone can look good if you put some effort brushing yourself up a little. I was just talking about this with my boyfriend the other night and I said that HAIR is important, he thinks BODY is important. I guess that’s true though.. someone with a good body can always look good haha. But hey, good hair days for me are like, best looking days no matter what.

Anywho, I here are some pictures to show you all what I’m talking about.

— I guess I was gunna post some pictures of my good hair day VS bad hair day but I wonder why I never posted this LOL (8/18/16) —

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