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    Just cant get away

    Mood: tired Listening to: I・ZA・NA・I・ZU・KI – NewS Eating: – Reading: – Working on: – Browsing: – Watching: Clannad ep 3 Sorry this blog is kinda stressful. T_T I need to get atleast one of my stresses out of my system Everything is building up that I nearly can’t take it anymore, school stress, family stress, money stress, friend stress, and the fact that I’m still stuck in my 17 year old blues. I don’t want anything bad to happen to my family, realizing how bad the situation is, I don’t want to complain. I want to offer a helping hand as much as I can. My parents are almost at…

  • Daily Utterance

    I dont get it

    Mood: Okay Listening to: amp Practicing Eating: RITZ (I love ritz!) Reading: Freakonomics Working on: Econ. Browsing: Lang-8 Watching: Liar Game Ep 10 Just random things that’s been making me curious. I’ll make it simple and clean. How can someone be harmlessly self centered? I don’t get it! Well, besides that, I’ve been having problems with self centered people. I can’t stand them! Same goes with many people right? But then I start wondering if I’m self centered. Social person? When I ask my friends, am I a social person? Their answer is clean cut, no. Why? “Because you never hang out with people at the mall and you said you don’t enjoy parties”.…

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    Is that your best?

    Mood: Tired Listening to: STAY – SMAP Eating: Hungry… Reading: – Working on: Econ. Browsing: – Watching: – Right now I’m at my college waiting for my bus to come to get home. I didn’t have classes today though, I came here to study because I couldn’t concentrate at home. I studied for nearly 4 hours, and I still couldn’t do the problems we are to finish by tomorrow 11 PM. I read the textbook. I tried to understand the practice problems. But I still couldn’t do it! Then I had a though “ARG! I’m giving up, gunna go home and just browse the web now.” Then I packed my books into…

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    Truths or Lies?

    Mood: Angry Listening to: Te o Tsunagou (Bodokan Live version) – Ayaka Eating: NOTHING!!! Reading: Freakanomics Working on: – Browsing: – Watching: Shounen Club X’mas Special 2008 Everyone lives under a lie… That’s what I’ve been told by someone before. Well, I don’t think that’s right. When will people start listening to the truth instead of forcing someone to tell lies. *sigh* bad first entry for 2009 but I’ll just have to start with this. So some of you know I have braces. I got them in 2007 in June or July or so. I’ve been doing my usual appointments since then. I’m doing a pretty good job not eating…

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