I didn’t do much today. Just ran to downtown Seattle to do some errands. Since I have some money, I decided to go buy my Japanese textbook. Intermediate Japanese 1. I took a look at it… >_< So overwhelming. My Kanji skills are so bad! でも大丈夫!ほんだいがんばりますから!!

After getting my textbook and visiting the bank, we went to have some ramen at Aloha Ramen! By far much better than Samurai Ramen in my opinion. The first time I went I got Katsu TanTan Ramen. Then the second time I got Aloha Ramen(pretty much Miso Ramen). This time, I went with Shio Ramen(Sea Salt Ramen)!  x)

Shio Ramen from Aloha Ramen <3 !

とっても、美味しかった (t’was very good) 。 Next time I go I might order this one again. It didn’t feel as heavy as the Katsu TanTan and the Aloha one just wasn’t as good as these two. Maybe I’ll write a review on Yelp some time when I feel like it. Definitely deserves #1 over Samurai Ramen in Ramen in the Seattle area. I wish they’re located in U-distric. Then my school life might aswell be complete.

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