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? 舞い落ちる花びらFallin’ Flower ?

Hello Hello! It’s your favourite kpop stan here again with another fangirling post. SEVENTEEN released their 3rd Japanese single on April 1st. I was fortunate enough to be able to pre-order it from Loppi Machine in Lawson and picked it up a day before launch day. As I opened the album, I was pleasantly surprised to receive Mingyu’s card for the handshake lottery entry ticket ?I also got DINO for HMV special and Vernon’s heart card from the single album. (✧ω✧) I am so happy to say SEVENTEEN was the first group I ever pre-ordered and purchased an album directly in Japan.

The album is super simple but I love it like this!!! It makes me want to collect all of the other SEVENTEEN Japanese singles! This single came with 3 songs, the title song 舞い落ちる花びら(Fallin’ Flower) and then 2 other songs are the Japanese versions of their previously released song Smile Flower and Good to Me. Both amazing songs and I am glad to have a Japanese version of the song. It makes it so much easier for me to sing haha.

I also love the concept for the album photos. All of the members look so good in the promotional photoshoot! Everyone is so colorful and spring theme. It’s my favourite kind of concept ?Here are a few I took with my iPhone and edit a little to make it visible on the PC.

As for the song 舞い落ちる花びら(Fallin’ Flower) itself, I am so in love with it. The more I listen to it, the more I love it. The lyrics are so poetic, and really fits SEVENTEEN. I wish we get to see a live performance stage for the song soon. I would love to see their stage outfit and live dance. I have a feeling we may not get to see it, but I really really really want it.

Speaking of live performance, we at least got the dance practice for the song. The choreography for the song is impressive. I really love how SEVENTEEN utilizes their member number to their advantage. The way they form a tree by using the members, is amazing. Not only that that the choreography is impressive, the members did an amazing job executing it. All of the members got every single details down to show the elegance of the choreography– it’s so insane, they almost look like robots performing it.

Like I said, I love everything about this comeback. Amazing work SEVENTEEN. I am a very proud Carat. I really wonder how non-carats would react to the song/MV/Dance but I really am not the type to shove things into people’s face which is the reason why I just scream about it on social media haha. For any non-fans who happen to read this, I really hope you take a few minutes out of your day to check the song out! (/▽\*)。o○♡

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