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Beginning of a New Life

Hello Hello! It’s been a wild week for me and I’m glad I finally have the time to sit down and update Hoshiru on my new life. On March 22nd, 2020, I moved from my hometown, Seattle to Japan. I made the decision to move to Japan to take on a Assistance Language Teacher (ALT) position back in January. Now that it’s the end of March, I’m here typing this up in Japan, crazy how fast life can change.

Ever since landing in Japan, I pretty much started with work business right away. I went to get my health check and met a few of my colleagues that I will be working with. I also registered as a resident and got my insurance card as well. Now I just have to wait for the “My Number” card that will be coming in the mail, then I will also be able to get my own Japanese phone# and also open a bank account. I sure I can get all of this done before the school year starts.

Sakura Trees near 所沢駅

As you may already know, April is Cherry Blossom season in Japan. Although officials advise against traditional Hanami gatherings, you can still appreciate the flowers casually on the streets.

Sakura Trees near 航空公園

Although I have been busy since landing, my boss was kind enough to give me days off on Thursday and Friday. I spent most of my time off re-arranging my room and putting up my favourite things, cleaning the place up, playing Animal Crossing New Horizon and just sitting here trying to calm my anxiety of not know what to expect from work.

I actually had plans to stop by Shibuya on Friday since SEVENTEEN opened a POP-UP store in Shibuya 109, but my boss advised against going into Tokyo- so I decided to follow his advice and stayed home for the most part. It is such a horrible time for me to make a life move since COVID19 is such a problem, but I sure hope it gets resolved soon.

Speaking of SEVENTEEN, they finally dropped the PV for their new Japanese single 舞い落ちる花びら!The music video is really pretty, and the song is really growing on me. My favourite line is definitely DK’s. I preordered my copy from Lawson via the Loppi machine. I’m excited to get my copy AND also for the full dance practice video for the song. When you have the time, I definitely recommending checking the PV out.

Well, I’ll keep this update short and simple. Hopefully I’ll continue to write these logs at least once a month or so. Who knows~

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