Month: September 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style

So week 1 of school is done, 10 or so more to go until winter break.. Yay~! So as you know, I’ve been extremely nerveous of how my classes are going to be like this quarter. After the first week, I think I’ll be able to manage them perfectly fine. Most of my homework consist of reviewing lecture materials and readings. I’m not too used to this style of studying. For the previous major I intended in applying for, most of my classes required the sit, understand the material, practice style of studying. For my current classes it’s more like sit, understand the material, review it on regular bases/think more about it (relate it to your own daily life). Anywho.. this not really the point of me writing this entry so I’ll move on to the main point.

Introduction to Communications I

One of the two core classes to enter the communications major here at the UW. I took Intro to Com II last quarter and it was a blast. I loved the content, I loved the teacher; I just loved the class over all. I am hoping that I’ll feel the same way with this class. On the first day we started off with a little survey about ourselves. He asked us questions like “favourite TV show”, “favourite song”, etc. I filled mine in and it was pretty meh, since I know that he would probably have no idea what I wrote down are anyways.

For the next part of class, our prof. (I gave him the nickname Prof. Dunkey) starts showing us videos on Youtube asking us whether we know it or not. I knew some.. many I didn’t really. For the last one, he asked everyone to stand up– he told us “Let’s see if you know what I want you to do”.

Then here it comes…

Buaaa pa pa pa~ ♫

Oppa Gangnam Style  ♫ !!

I was like … -facedesk- a ton of people start dancing to it, including me lol. I can’t help but be so embarrass though. Ugh.  Non the less.. still a great way to start up a class. Oppa Gangnam Style is more of my style than Adele. So I didn’t mind it.

Japanese 400

もう四年目の日本語クラスか… 信じられない。 あたしのばかな趣味はこうになるのは、なんか…すごい(笑)。ばかな趣味と言っても、将来に日本語について職業をしたいと思ってるわよ。実はこのクラスは難しいかどうか本当に怖かったけど、この一週間は悪くなかったから、たぶん大丈夫だと感じる。たくさんの三年生の友達が同じクラスを取ってるし、ひろし先輩も同じクラスを取ってる、みんなは手伝ってあげるから、心配しなくてもいいよね~

I still can’t believe I am in Japanese 400… my silly hobby has gotten me so far :’) ! That said, I’m hoping in the future I can do some Japanese <=> English translation work so its not that silly right?! I know I shouldn’t be, but I was still super surprise to see many of my classmates from 3rd year taking 4th year with me. Alot of them are the people that I’ve actually talked to before too. Somehow seeing them before class made me feel so much relief. So far I can see how this class is going to be much harder than 3rd year, but with all my friends in class.. I think it’ll be manageable!!

Communications and Differences

 I’ll admit.. I fell asleep on the first day of this class. I can’t help it Dx this class is from 2:30-4:20.. That is like my perfect nap time!!! At first I felt like my teacher was extremely disorganize. Her first lecture seemed pretty off topic, or I should say, off the mood of ‘first day’ classes. She pretty much jumped right into content, without a introduction or syllabus overview. Though she did do a syllabus overview by the end of class, I had a pretty bad feeling about the class overall. I was afraid it wouldn’t be my style.

However on the 2nd day of class, everything seemed much more structured and… fun! (Maybe it was because managed to stay awake the entire class) So now that I have a better feeling about how the class runs, I think I’m going to like it a lot (base on the syllabus).


So far so good. I hope this quarter is going to be a good one. I hope I perform well this quarter too. I still have to write my application to apply for my major. I think my only down point is my overall GPA at the UW is pretty bad.. so much stress >___< Ah ah ahhhh! I hope I make it in. I hope.. I hope.. I will…

First day of school Autumn2012

Things to not forget before leaving home:

  1. have your pencil, pen, notebooks. No textbooks this quarter!
  2. Japanese class print out
  3. phone
  4. sync iPod -> include class schedule into pictures!
  5. smile!

I am overly nervous for this year’s first day of school. Maybe its because I’m taking a 400 level class for the first time. That expectation aura coming from it is kinda scaring me. It’s okay.. I have a friend to lean on in Japanese class at least >__<. First days should be fun! Hope my classes are alright.


I can’t believe summer is ending already. This summer went by so fast, I felt like I didn’t get to do anything at all. Though originally my goal this summer was to greatly improve my Japanese.. some how it never happened. Bad Hondai, bad!

Well my summer did have its phases. First would be going to California to see my long time friend Tsuki! It was my first time traveling somewhere with Max and my first time going to California since I was 3. It was a lot of fun! We went to an anime convention in Anaheim and did other many things like Bowling and visited UCR (I was melting that day..)! The best part though is being able to chat with Tsu and watch her draw! I was always amazed by her pencil art @_@ Ps. That sushi place near by Tsu’s place is darn good sushi too!

Then comes the return of Ampy and hosting Emichi! Ampy is home >__< it feels so weird that she’s home now. Though a lot has changed since she’s not sleeping in our old room anymore, this room became fully mine. Not that I mind, I get the biggest personal bed room out of everyone else. Huehue I don’t really get to see her much though since she started working again. Also the fact that she now has a boyfriend, so she’s busy seeing him too.

Now comes the end of summer. Of course the usual, I spend most of my summer hanging out with Max and some of my other friends here and there. I also started playing GuildWars2! SIts  been release for maybe about a month(?), but I’m already playing it less and less. I reached max level and there isn’t much to do besides WvW, PvP and farming money up to make yourself armor. I’m never really the type to grind away for armor (but I would grind for level ups any day lol), so now I don’t really have the motivation to go on. Good bye $60? Probably not. I might go on more when I feel like it. As for now? Not much. I just feel like doing other things before summer ends.