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    Oppa Gangnam Style

    So week 1 of school is done, 10 or so more to go until winter break.. Yay~! So as you know, I’ve been extremely nerveous of how my classes are going to be like this quarter. After the first week, I think I’ll be able to manage them perfectly fine. Most of my homework consist of reviewing lecture materials and readings. I’m not too used to this style of studying. For the previous major I intended in applying for, most of my classes required the sit, understand the material, practice style of studying. For my current classes it’s more like sit, understand the material, review it on regular bases/think more about it…

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    First day of school Autumn2012

    Things to not forget before leaving home: have your pencil, pen, notebooks. No textbooks this quarter! Japanese class print out phone sync iPod -> include class schedule into pictures! smile! I am overly nervous for this year’s first day of school. Maybe its because I’m taking a 400 level class for the first time. That expectation aura coming from it is kinda scaring me. It’s okay.. I have a friend to lean on in Japanese class at least >__<. First days should be fun! Hope my classes are alright.

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    I can’t believe summer is ending already. This summer went by so fast, I felt like I didn’t get to do anything at all. Though originally my goal this summer was to greatly improve my Japanese.. some how it never happened. Bad Hondai, bad! Well my summer did have its phases. First would be going to California to see my long time friend Tsuki! It was my first time traveling somewhere with Max and my first time going to California since I was 3. It was a lot of fun! We went to an anime convention in Anaheim and did other many things like Bowling and visited UCR (I was melting that…