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I can’t believe I’ve been home in Washington State for almost a month now. Every thing just went by so fast, I forget what was happening. Recently I’ve been getting inspiration of getting back into Web Designing again. I made some sample web pages just for practice. I might re-open TrueMagic at this point. I can never leave my origin on the internet, the anime graphic design community <3 I sure miss everyone.

Talking about home, I’ve been doing some minor job searches but today was the first day I started applying. I have a fear that I’ll end up doing a job I dislike again. I’m afraid of how picky I am and I realize how wishy washy I am in my current state. I’m a little lost in what ‘career’ to pursue. When I was young, I always aspire to be a web designer. I’m not too sure at what point I stop believing and felt like it was something impossible for me. Looking back at myself, why did I gave up so easily?

In any case, I think I will explore a little bit more in terms of career. I think I’ve broken it down to two major careers, localization and front end developer. I’m still young, I’m younger than I think I am. For the most part, I wanna take this a little bit more slowly than I did with college. When the time comes, I do plan on going back to school for more skill sets and make connections and friends!


Just a little picture of my messy but cozy work space at home ^_^

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