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Life Update

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Life’s been so busy lately… I can’t believe Hoshiru is getting neglected again. No! I won’t let that happen! T_T.. Well anyways, I got a few updates to talk about here.

In case I never mentioned on here.. I’m back in school again! I decided to take classes for an associates degree Web Application Development! Going back for that webmaster dreamヽ(≧▽≦)ノ wooo! For this quarter I’m taking 8 credits, 3 classes. We’re currently on Week 3, and so far so good! I’m staying on top of all my assignments and still know what’s going on in class. (that sounds weird to say but TBH, by the time midterms come around I’m usually already behind in class). This time around I’m going to give school my all!!

Funny thing is, the same week I started school, my sister was getting ready to move to Japan so I was helping her out with moving shenanigans. I’m a little sad that my sister is moving away.. AGAIN! Well,  she’s been living abroad on and off since we’re in college so I’m used to it by now.

Work has also been picking up like crazy. Because some of our newer team members haven’t seen our work volume this high before, they don’t understand the importance of getting it done ASAP. So then, I start feeling pressured to get the work done or else other teams will start criticizing our team when the work starts piling up later in the day. There was even a day where I skipped lunch just to make sure I clear all the work before our cutoff time at 3 PM. Unfortunately, I feel like I’M the only one in my team who feels pressured this way.ಠ╭╮ಥ I really wish my teammates would put more effort in our work.

And there you have it! Family, School, Work… That’s what’s pretty much keeping me busy lately. I guess this is what people usually mean when they’re ‘busy with life‘. Even if I’m busy, I’m still going to try my best to not neglect what’s important to me because I remember regretting doing so in the past. Never forget!

Halloween at the Q

I’m not usually a big fan of Halloween but this year’s was actually pretty fun! I got to eat hotpot twice, deep dish pizza, spend time with sister for her Birthday, went to a home welcoming party, etc, etc.

So this is my first year working at what I’ll now start calling, The Q. It’s our CEO’s favorite holiday so it was like a huge party the entire Friday. Each team dressed up as a theme and we had a voting at the end of the day which team we think has the scariest, most creative, and best over all costume. Our team decided on Crazy Animal People. I originally wanted to do something scary like zombies and stuff because I wanted to play with makeup but my team didn’t seem so up for that. One of the members proposed Crazy Cat Lady, but since we all aren’t really cat people so varied it out to be crazy animal people.

I was the crazy bunny lady. I went (almost) all out with pinning a rabit so my hair doing a tired-crazy-lady makeup and all, it was fun. When I got to work \(‘~’) seems like I was the only one in my team excited to dress up as a crazy animal person. The person who proposed the idea wasn’t even dressed up! If that was going to be the case, we should have let the person with more spirit decide 🙁 no?? Besides my team though, the rest of the staff at The Q was crazy dressed it. It was like a Halloween party at work. We had parades, dance ruitines, photo stations, chocolate fountains and lots of minigames people setup at their cubes.

For lunch they catered in some lasagna and salads. Yum! I’m glad I was about to experience Halloween at The Q. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work at in my current stage of my life.

How Hello Hannah Cho Saved Me

I discovered Hannah Cho during my college years around 2011. She just happened to pop-up as a suggested video from one of my own vlogs and I decided to watch her. I got addicted to watching her WOMMITMOL’s series just because it was short, precise, and straight out entertaining while I “do my homework”.

After I graduated from College, you guys all know I’ve struggled to make a career out of my degree and at some point I’ve become totally lost in my life direction. I hopped jobs and have long periods of unemployment and got extremely depressed as to where my life is going. I got even more depressed when I found myself cyber stalking my peers on Facebook. I look at current college students; jealous that they have a goal, a structure in their life, and are still full of potential. Then the peers that graduated all seem to have another goal in life; continuing their education or starting out a career pertaining to their degree. I even have a friend that successfully started his own business in his hometown (That’s amazing)!

Now here is where Hannah Cho comes into the picture. What I am about to write might come off as rude but I want you guys to understand that this is a wonderful thing. After I graduated I kinda stop watching Youtubers for a while just because I was so busy with work and Youtube was always just a time killer. But during my downtime while I was unemployed I connected with Hello Hannah Cho again. I found out that despite her being so bright and smiley all the time, her life isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows as you would imagine. She’s just a girl figuring things out in life. She has her struggles too. That’s when I’ve come to realization that I am not struggling alone. To me, Hannah Cho is one of the coolest people I know on Youtube. She’s very real, and down to earth.

The fact that she’s brave enough to share the dark and cloudy side of her life has helped me overcome all my own negative thoughts. I’m looking at Hannah going through her post divorced life, dealing with change,  unemployment, and at the end of the day in front of the camera, she makes it feel like everything is going to be okay. Just because her status is not “prestige” to the standards that was implemented in my head, to me, her value as a human being is still held high.  I never judge Hannah for how she lives her life, so what makes me think it matters if anyone out there is judging me. Watching her videos has cleared the cloud in my heart and pushed me to get back on my feet. I’m working at an office job that has absolutely nothing with my degree and I’m loving life. As for my Japanese endeavors and other passions, that can be my side project for now. It can continue to be the things I do for fun. I wouldn’t call Hannah my lifestyle idol but I notice that when I was going through these depressions of having to grow up, Hannah Cho comes to mind and I know, I will be okay.

I feel grateful for Hannah sharing her story and if you’re like me, a struggling millennial, my advice to you is do anything you can to get back on your feet but never forget the person you are. Do what you love and love what you do. Not everything in life is going to be what you wanted, but really, it’s not so bad. It’s not so bad at all.

Daily Days

So it’s been almost a week since I started my not so new new job, and everything is going great! Never felt more welcome as an employee before, and at the same time my day to day work life isn’t so bad at all. Sure this isn’t what you would call my “dream job” but it definitely is something I am looking for at the time. Baby steps guys, baby steps.

One of the cool things we have at work is that every Friday we have Social Hour, or some calls it Happy Hour. Around 3 PM the company would cater in a ton of drinks and snacks! This includes alcoholic drinks too. So I literally can drink on the job on Fridays lol! I try to refrain myself from drinking every Friday though, Alcoholic intakes should be monitored so I’d try to wait more than a week before drinking again. So of course I got a drink on my first week, and chat with some co-workers. Regrettably I grabbed a very strawberry soda tasting drink. It was gross in it’s own way since I really prefer my beer to taste like beer with a hint of fruit, if any fruity taste at all.

Chatting with a few co-workers I’d gotten a chance to chat with, doesn’t seem like anyone shares the same hobby as I do; which is honestly fine by me. I prefer to keep my work relationships at work and personal… personal. Then again, if I were to meet someone who I really click with at work, that would be amazing. Back when I worked at my call center job, I met many people whom I wouldn’t mind considering as my friend. But even then, I still keep most of them as co-workers because I rarely had the energy to maintain my relationship with friends outside from work anyways.

With my current job though, it is quite laid back. What’s great about that is, after work I still have the time and energy to do something else and ever socialize with other people! This is something I’ve always wanted with my past work because the Logistics one I did, the commute was a pain and not flexible so I didn’t have the flexibility to explore and play after work. And my call center one was just way too draining to make me want to do anything after work. Not to mention the 10 hour shift forces me to get ready to sleep right when I get home.

I can tell you about my day today as a great example of what I am talking about! After I left work, I went to have some Korean food for dinner with my sister. We even went to checkout the new Oasis Bubble Tea Cafe that recently open on The Hill. Pretty nice hangout place. The decor was hip and looks nice to hangout at. I don’t know about hanging out at bubble tea places though. They serve blended drinks, and that blender sound is a little bit too loud for me to enjoy chilling there for a long time. After spending some time sipping on my Banana Milk Tea and chatting with my sister at the new Oasis, we took the last express bus home and here I am! I have enough time to sit and read, listen to music and even update Hoshiru before I get my self ready to sleep.

This isn’t a bad place to be. I really want to make something out of it and hoping I can make something out of it. I refuse to leave this place before I have made a big impact there. And who knows? If I were to make a big impact, I might feel like staying longer, if not forever.

Let’s see where life takes me.