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    Third day in a row for August! I sure love my inconsistency when it comes to my updating schedule. But it doesn’t really matter right? The more I write here, the better anyways. Today was another tiring day at work. It felt like a very long day and I was FREEZING in the office. Speaking of work, today my friend gave a nickname to that one co-worker that has been triggering me, afkdude. It is the PERFECT nickname because that’s literally all he does. AFK dude got in trouble for messing something up but he just laugh it off as if it’s not a big deal. BOII you have no…

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    Mood: Peaceful Listening to: Tell Yourself – Clazziquai Project Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Desert Island Escape) Craving: Hot Tea Watching: Gundam Wing Today wasn’t a bad day. Not a bad day at all. I took the bus at my usual time, got off, grab my morning coffee then up to my company’s floor I go. Work went by pretty fast. It was technically a slow day at work, but because of a slacker, I got extra work to do. I aint complaining anymore. The less work he does, the more work I get. LmAo. During lunch time I noticed that the sky in downtown Seattle was hazy… Which is…

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