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I miss things

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Maybe the March rain has gotten to me… but I’ve been missing things. Things that were me. Things that have defined me. It’s strange to think about how much I have changed in the course of 5 years. Many of my friends say I’m still the same, but when I look at my past self I see a completely different person. I remember how I used to think, how I used to see people and that’s not how I am now. Was this the reason people used to call me “so innocent”? I sure envy my past self. But let’s be real here, we’re all bound to meet with something like this one day, right?

At least writing on Hoshiru and my alone time during my commute to work and back has given me some time to reflect upon myself. It makes me happy to know that one that that hasn’t change is my love for writing about my feelings on Hoshiru. It’s a very important place for me to watch myself change and grow. Also, a place to go to if I ever forgotten what it was like to be 18, 20, 23 or 25. It’s almost Hoshiru’s 10 year anniversary, can you believe that?

Anyways, I don’t knowwhere I’m going for with this post… I just feel the need to update something before it gets too deep into March. I’ve been obsessed with 3DS games and browsing steam. That’s all you need to know.


Taggy Tag~!

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First day of spring quarter today, though, I’m still in break mode. >_< I accidentally played maple for 2 hours today! NoooOOooOo~! I got sucked in to getting people to join TrueMagic (my guild). A lot of people joined and quitted. I’m not hurt by that anymore though. I got use to it. 🙂 I mean hey, I’ve been doing this for so long now. Hahaha. I’ve became such a n00b in Maple Story though… it’s like, I don’t know anything anymore!

I’m not sure if I want to stay in my History class… I’ll see how tomorrow goes. >_< Then maybe I’ll ask my mom if I can drop the class and find some other class to do. I’m so bad at history! But I can’t run away forever can I?

I’ve been tagged by Vijayata~<3
The rules: You must answer the questions below with something that begins with the first letter of your first name. If the person who has tagged you has the same letter, use a different one. You may not use any word twice or make anything words up. Then, you must tag five other people.

Hondai isn’t my real name but it is here! 😀 So I’ll be using “H”!:

* A girl’s name – Helen
* A boy’s name – Halton
* A unisex name – Harley … that is a girl’s name too right?
* An animal – Hawk
* An adjective –
* A car – Honda……..i (I just HAD to put an I XD)
* Some food and a drink – Hiroshimayaki, Hot cakes, Hamburger, Hot Dogs!
* A game – HALO XP
* A country – Holland
* A film – Harry Potter!
* Four words that end in ‘Y’ – Hotty, Holy, Hickey, Hocky, Handy. oops thats 5
* Another name – Hoshi 🙂 I love that name.

I really don’t know who to tag >_< Everyone I want to tag was tagged already! o_O|||||

2 years!

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How could I forget Hoshiru’s birthday when it’s right on the front page! That even the reason why Hoshiru disappeared for a bit. I forgot to renew my domain name. Hahaha. But it’s back! And Hoshiru is back with a boost!

Hondai now has almost full control of Hoshiru domain! Yay~ Some of you know that Hoshiru is hosted under my brother. It still is, but my brother gave me an account so that I can create sub domains and accounts myself. 🙂 So now I can host people. I’m not sure if I’m going to do that yet though. Should I?

Maple rant right now it’s 2x exp. I can’t play though cuz my mom doesn’t like me playing maple still. Right now my brother is borrowing my account so his friend can leach for herself. Looking at it makes me go O_O She started from 30% and now she’s at 70%. And it’s been not even 30 minutes. Her level 81 Ranger is leaching of her 142 Bishop. Lucky~~ Leveling so easy like that. o_O

Anyway, Happy 2 year Hoshiru! ♥ Hope I couldn’t have done something special for it. |||||

A Journey

HondaiMood: lonely evenings
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My personal computer has been having problems. It keeps crashing. So I’m not able to do updates by my FTP server. Not until I install a client on some other computer ofcourse

Yet again today went to the high school for my study Wednesdays. This time was rather fun during lunch time and stuff. I got to talk to a lot of my old friends. My friend Toto asked me why I was there >3> I’m a little sick of that question. Even though I am doing Running Start and taking classes at the college, I’m still a student on my highschool. So please understand. D: I am not an outsider.

Anyway, today after school my friend Panda and I were hungry so we decided to go grab some food to eat. >w< Mannnn we went to some burger place and had a nice talk. Hahaha it was fun! I really love talking to Panda. She’s a good listener. I love her 🙂 She’s one of my cherished friends.

On the way home I was walking alone listening to my iPod. Looking at the fall leaves on the floor and walking a long strait path back home. Then I suddenly had a thought. “I want to go on a journey.” “A journey that I can keep walking ahead to see new things around me and stop at the places I like or when ever I get tired.” It was a fantasy like thought. But now that I think about it, I am already walking on a journey sorta like that. That journey is called?life