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HondaiMood: Artistic
Listening to: Computer City – Perfume
Eating: Pad Tai! <3
Reading: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Working on: Drawings on PS
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Watching: Proposal Daisakusen ep 2

It snowed today. Yay. We have like an inch of snow..?maybe less.?It didn’t fell so beautifully though. It collected over time. The best part was seeing the traffic forming in front of my house. Hahaha.

Well, today I spent my day being a fatty. sitting in front of the computer all day. Well, atleast I felt like I did something productive though! Here is what I did most f the day.

Faf! I had fun drawing this. Another one I made was last night. Not so artistic. Just tedious.

I made that around 4 in the morning. Uploaded it to deviant. Went to bed. Got up in the morning, it got over 200 views already. I was like?WHAT??So drawings I spend hours working on gets around 40 views in a week. But this random GIF of Tegoshi got 200 views in what, like 4 hours? Grrr… art created with Johnny’s on it can be as evil as neko girls with over sized boobs!! D|<|||||

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