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Man! All that has been going on my head is?“revise that essay, yeah! revise that essay, yeah!”?all day. Hahahaha… I’m going crazy. Again, I’m at my college’s computer lab working on hw. I ‘m having troubles revising my own essays because I absolutely suck at writing them! I always do the “assumption” stuff from my sources. So what I write, sometimes, becomes total?BS.

But that’s something I use to get pass my high school essays. Now I’m back writing essays… in college. And I’ve learn that my textbook actually has a section that points out each and every single little problems people usually make when writing essays. My little “assumption” thing is part of the problems started too. We’re force to read this textbook so… I can’t act like I don’t know what it is.?*sigh*?Man. I’m in a pinch.

But guess what? I’m still proud of myself that I’m actually working hard on trying to revise my essay. The old me from?Maple Story Era?would just go like?“Eh, screw this, I’ll just work on it tomorrow”. No more?‘do it tomorrow’?for me now. Do it?now now now!!!?Yeah!|||||

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