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Happy 4th from Downtown Kirkland!

Happy 4th of July! It’s hard to believe that it’s been a long time since I last celebrated 4th of July. I haven’t seen a live fireworks show in years. The last time I can recall seeing a live fireworks show was when my family went to see it at Gasworks Park… and it was funded by Washington Mutual Bank (WaMu) and all WaMu banks were rebranded to Chase bank by the end of 2009. So it was that long ago since I saw live fireworks.

This year we spent our 4th of July in a pretty lazy and relaxed way. By noontime, we head out to a local organic lunch/brunch place in Kirkland called DERU Market. It was our first time there and I’m in love!! From the decor to the aesthetics, to the food. I’m a little sad that I didn’t take many pictures of the place, but the decor was very minimalistic, bright, airy… you know what– I’ll just take a picture next time. I did take pictures of the food though.

Deru Market Menu
Lunch Menu
Mason Jars
Iced Sweet Tea & Iced Americano served in Mason Jars

I got the Carrot + Brie Sandwich and their Farm Salad. I also got an Ice Americano with that, which was served in Mason Jars. That’s as hipster as you can get. I was a little disappointed by the usage of plastic straws though. Hipster point -1.

Never in my life did I imagine eating a carrot sandwich. But it might be my new favourite thing. The roasted carrot felt just as rich and filling as meat. If we ever go back, I do want to get this sandwich again, but I think I’ll try something different.

Carrot + Brie Sandwich at Deru Market
Carrot + Brie Sandwich and Farm Salad

After Brunch, we took a short walk in downtown Kirkland and decided to head home because we still had 8 hours to go before the firework show.

Since the fireworks show starts at 10 PM, we headed back to Downtown Kirkland around 9 PM. We got ourselves some food and situated ourselves for the fireworks. The funny thing is, we could see 2 other firework shows on the other side of Lake Washington!

Fourth of July in Downtown Kirkland was very enjoyable and family-friendly. Saw a lot of cute doggies (even though I felt a little sorry for them having to deal with the fireworks). I’ll definitely be back again some year. For next year, I will probably explore other fireworks show options in the area just to spice it up.

Kirkland Fireworks
view of the fireworks from the Kirkland Water Front
(actual footage taken by me! :D)

Lately, I’ve been feeling very lucky that I live in an area where I have so many places to explore in such close vicinity. I’ve been living in the Greater Seattle Area for more than half of my life, yet, I still find many many new places to explore each day.

It became one of my goals to try to explore more places on a regular basis. Whether it be a photo spot, cafe, restaurant, park, just anywhere that would make me want to say “wow, I want to bring someone here next time”.

With that said, since I work in the heart of downtown Seattle, you can definitely expect more posts about my hidden/not-so-hidden-gem discoveries!

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