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Phew~! Another week went by, now another to go! Next week is the final week for college! Then After that I have?Nothing?to worry about during break! XD Well… not?nothing. But I don’t have to worry?as much. 🙂

So I added some pages and fix some stuff. One of the pages I added is the?So called Heroes?page. I’ve been thinking on how to write this page, and finally I decide to merge them together and call them my heroes. 8D There you are!?My Heroes!?I’m not really done writing in it yet. Since it really takes a lot of reflecting when I write this stuff. I get too sentimental. D:

The other page I added is the?extremely interesting?Drama list?Page. Whoo~ I can’t believe how many dramas I finished watching. It’s a lot and insane considering I have only started most of the dramas this year o__o

I have work tomorrow~ Noooo. I really don’t feel like going tomorrow. >__<; I have a lot of thinking to do for my English class.?Final Reflection?essay.. all I have to do is reflect myself right? D:

Ahhh wells, Que sera sera! good night!

HondaiMood: Sleepy
Listening to: Sunadokei – Tegomasu
Eating: Nothing really
Reading: –
Working on: Math Homework
Browsing: Lang-8
Watching: Scrap Teacher

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