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How’s are you? How’s Japan? Life’s been good and I don’t know what else to say when I get this question. The idea of sharing things about my personal life to people has become less and less appealing as more and more people have been using it against me. I got kind of sick and tired of people knowing everything about me, or rather, people talking like they know everything about me. So I stop talking about my daily life such as work, friends, etc, and instead, I’d talk more about my hobbies.

With that said, I guess I’ve just distanced myself from oversharing my personal life with people. Although I still spam the crap out of my Twitter, it’s a little different from people knowing my daily life schedule. I don’t know why it started to bother me so much. I guess I’m just a little scarred from feeling like I’m being watched at all times.

To those who are actually curious about how I’ve been in a non creepy way, my answer is still “Life’s been great”. I’m living the life really. I spend a lot of time sitting in my chair appreciating all the things I have.

The apartment I live in is stunning and I can afford it comfortably. I remember back when I lived in the greater Seattle area, I always felt as if I was a failure in life living the lowest of low because I wasn’t making enough money to even afford a studio bedroom. Here, where I live now, made me realize that it’s not me but the city that was failing. Not to mention that on top of the fact that it’s cheaper here where I live now, I have a bathtub that I can set to fill itself automatically AND have it keep warm at a specific temperature until I’m done with it. Yeah, now that’s what I call living the life.

Also, there’s a park about 5 minute walk away that has the most amazing view. The other day I woke up a little too early and decided to take a walk to the park and it was one of the most healing things I did in a long time. It was cold, breezy, but the sunrise was beautiful. It was so pretty, photos don’t do it justice.

June 2024

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