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New PC: Reol

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After 6 years with my SONATA, it was time for an upgrade. Since Sonata was just a barebone PC with added components, getting a completely new PC was ideal. I was contemplating with myself for a long time if I really wanted to build a new PC, buy a high performance laptop, or simple give up on PC games that are graphically intense. I decided to build a compact size desktop because it was the cheaper option for a high performance PC while still keeping the small and cuteness I very much prefer.

This isn’t my first time working with a custom PC but it is my first time picking parts and building one all on my own. I honestly had no clue as to where to start with building. I know of the components, but as for all the other things like form factor, compatibility, voltage, etc. It was fun learning about it So my final decision was a Mini ITX form factor, Intel core i5, gtx 1070 build. All the other parts were picked to match the specs I wanted. Here’s a list of my final parts;

It took me about a week to get all my pieces and the build ended up being $1150. That’s $150 above my budget but… OH WELL!

It took me about 3 hours from unpacking until wired up and ready to boot. I think the biggest challenge of this build is getting the HDD & SSD wires in place. It felt like I had to force my way through a little to get it where I want. This is most definately a fault in the case. I question why it wasn’t designed with a little bit more flexibility on that. Anyways, after I finally finished building it all up, I turn it on and it booted right on the first go. I was so happy nothing went wrong with it!! I will call it a successful go 🙂 It performs quite well and the temps on all components sit right below 60C when I’m running games.

I decide to name her Reol because No Title – Reol was the first thing I played on it. I thought Reol would make a cool name too. Building PCs might me quite addicting. lol.

June 2024

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