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The Art of Playlists

I don’t think a lot of people consider creating playlists as a form of art.. but I do! Of course there are people out there who just dump a bunch of songs they want to listen to and call it a playlist (nothings wrong with that) but there are also people out there who take hours crafting a playlist based on a theme, feel, artist, color, anything really. I love finding people who make playlists like that.

To me, creating playlists is a way for me to explore music. With new music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, it’s easier to discover new artists and songs. It also makes the process 10 times faster since I don’t have to run around looking for the perfect place to -cough cough- download a good copy of the single/album/EP and such. Though, it still takes me days to consider a playlist complete because of the testing process. I’d find songs, put it in, listen the whole playlist several runs and make sure a song doesn’t stand out or make you feel like skipping. I firmly believe that a playlist should flow like a constant stream, just like water! Of course it’s hard to find a song you don’t feel like skipping sometimes just because you’re not feeling it right at that moment, but that’s the point of the testing process! I might not feel it one time, other times I do. Then with several runs I can weigh whether the song is a boop or a keeper.

I also enjoy naming my playlists. Half of the time they have nothing to do with the theme though. It’s just fun giving it a name that will make people tilt their head \o\ woop. Creating playlists is a lot of fun and I hope I can share some to the world. That said, I do have some playlists on 8tracks, they’re gold certified too!! (woo) It’s like releasing a single and it get’s gold certified ( ; ~;)/ thanks guys, it makes me so happy someone enjoys my creation.

I’ll just leave my post popular one here. It’s called Nemurenai Yoru: One of those sleepless nights thinking about the days we had each other. I didn’t think this one would be popular since it was kinda scrappy but if a lot of people liked it, it means something right?!

眠れない夜 from hondai on 8tracks Radio.

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