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I feel a little sad that I had to work today. Not that I hate work or anything, its just that today was one of the last sunny days for my summer vacation thats ending in less that a week. I want to cry ;A ;

So I recently decide to browse the iTunes store, I went to a Japanese one to explore music. Then I thought of checking out the podcasts. I found a rather interesting one called Dream Theater. So pretty much this girl name Nana brings in guests and talks to them. These guests are Jpop artists so, some of her guests I know! It makes me happy. x) I don’t fully understand Japanese, but I do get the sense of it. Also the fact that I love listening to people talk! It gives me the ‘radio’ feel. I don’t hear many great radio talk shows nowaday so I guess pod casts serfice.

Do you guys have a favourite podcast? Do you guys listen to podcasts?  If you do please let me know! ^_^

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