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Sakura Con 2012


I feel so lonely somehow when sakuracon ended this year. This is my third time going to Sakura con and it was probably the best year ever!! There were obvious reasons and little reasons that made it the best year so far. I’ll start off with the mre obvious reason.

Of Course first of all Stereopony is the performing guest this year!! Though I wasn’t a die hard fan before I always love love loooove many of their songs!! So being able to see them live was just pure awesome!! At the con we first had to line up 30 minutes before the show. there was Max Max who didn’t know much about Stereopony decide to check out their live concert, then my fellow Japanese class friend Brandon who loves a lot of the same music I do, and uw bothell friend I met at the con Ben who seems to be pretty hyped about the concert. I was pretty confident that Max would like their music, but I wasn’t sure how much he’ll enjoy the screechy loud concert noise so I was pretty nervous about that. Though it seems like the energetic performance by Stereopony was able to by past the annoying sound and Max seemed to enjoy the live a lot so that made me very very happy (^O^☆♪

Well enough about Max and more onto the actual concert now, shall we?! They first started off with the intro theme of their new album More! More!! More!!! Then when Aimi, Nohana and Shiho came out my tension jumped to 20x xD!!! ” live voice was so amazing!!” was my first thought when they started performing. Wahh my favourite performance was 2 songs that I’m not sure what the name is. I think one was Everybody Jump! The band for us to dance along with them it was too much fun. Then the most of most excited part is when the concert ended… I started yelling 「アンコル!! アンコル!!!」haha it was always my dream to do that at a live. I wasn’t really expecting them to actually come out… But they did!!!! I was like キャアア!!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ and I got even more キャアキャア when Aimi was like 「この歌知ってますか??! 」 then they started singing ヒトヒラのハナビラ! my most most favourite song by them and the one I wanted to see live the most!!! Wahhhh I was soooo so happy you guys have no ideaaa.

Phewww!! Of course the party didn’t end there!! Max and I also decide to get their autographs afterwards. I ran alllll the way to almost the first in line x) Max got me their Album so that I can let them sign it!! ^^ When my turn came, Aimi actually said じゃあね! to me.. So cute!!! I also told Shiho how cool I thought her drumming was. She smiled at me >w< after I got my autograph some lady grabbed me and asked if they could interview me. Then I was like “oh ummm can I record my friend real quick?” then she’s like “ohh… I’m sorry but you’re not suppose to be doing that” so then I kept asking her “oh should I stop?” to stall hahaha. In the end they interviewed me. I felt like I should have said more during the shout out >_< I wish I said 「ステレオポニー 大好き!! またシアトルに遊びにきてね!!」 but it was too rushed that I said only the first part >_< oh well. If I actually appear in their next DVD I’d be so happy!! Maybe someone in Japan will try recruit me an idol or something LOL Jk.

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