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HondaiMood: tried
Listening to: No More – Jasmine
Drinking: lkjxoixk pumpkin milk
Reading: –
Working on: Quiznos Camp :O
Watching: Koizora [the movie]

I hate scammers, scammers should just all scam other scammers and create they very own scammer world and stay OUT of our pure world. -sigh-

I really want to help a friend out. He got scammed, $400 and it’s not even funny. I hate scammers. In games AND in real life! Arggg I can’t help him tho… in anyway, I just can’t. I don’t think I can :/ Right now, I have other goals to get back at people who hate my friends on MS. I hate game drama. -sigh-

So, hows everyone been? I’ve been… eh? I’m on the 5th week of school and I’m loving my classes excepthistory. My history teacher FAILS in communicating. He said he would grade our stuff ASAP and it takes him weeks!! Ahh!

I haven’t blogged so long, it feels kinda weird but I miss it! I miss Hoshiru!!


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