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I’ve been feeling like, I wish I was more selfish and less selfless. Its just something in me that if someone seems unhappy I feel like its my fault and it makes me extremely unhappy too. I can’t be happy if someone else is not. Its just so.. so hard.

But anyways, by what I mean being more selfish is like… careless about other people. Careless about how they feel. Because in reality, yourself is all you need. That’s what I think at least. If you do need other people, its more of a job thing, which its force down on to everyone anyways. But in private, people can be fine all by themselves.

I find being by my self.. I mean I don’t feel shy going to the movies myself.. or shopping with myself.. but when theres people I care about, its hard to feel like “I don’t want to leave you out” kinda deal. But when the person doesn’t WANT to do it, it gets me mad.

thats when my selfishness kicks in.


unfinished post that I decide to publish 1/3/2017

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