HondaiMood: good
Listening to: ?????? – Tattoo colour
Drinking: Water
Reading😕my old Diary
Working on: Nothing
Watching: -blank-

Went to work?all day?yesterday.?[I’m curious on how much I’m getting in my next paycheck]. During break time went to?Shika Tea?with Ampy again. I got my usual?Manga Jasmine Tea with Yogurt Smoothie+ Tapioca. Too much Tapioca though. D: It made me feel sick. Next time I’ll get it without Tapioca… like how I usually to do it.

Didn’t get to watch SmaxSma today because we slept too late yesterday. >__< Now Ampy is still sleeping. She’s suppose to go to the ‘back to school fair’ today. Mine is tomorrow. .__.?it’s boring….

Tomorrow is?True Magic’s 3rd Anniversary!?:D Yay! I think I’m going to make an surprise update…..? Or maybe not… because I haven’t started on anything yet. o____o;;;;

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