Spanish Class

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Bahhh~ So college started. I actually enjoy how the classes go. but on my free time, I’m so bored. I barely get to see my friends in highschool. Which sucks, badly! I miss them so much. But the problem is, when ever I stop by the highschool, people would ask me?“What are you doing here?”…. Why can’t someone be at their own school? Seriously. I would like people to stop asking me that. And the good friends well actually greet me first“Hi Wilda!!! I miss you! so so so”?Then they will ask why I am here.

My Spanish class goes by pretty fast. I’m having a hard time remembering some stuff. It’s a new language for me.?Japanese became home-ish already.?I get things mix up like “Como te llamas?” and “Como estas” .__. oh good lord.

Well, I’m studying hard! 😀 I’ll do my best!!

Fly away~ (to north!) Far away~ (to east!) Tsubasa hirogete~
Go ahead~ (go west!) Do your best~ (go south) Niji o tsukamou~
lol sorry, I just suddenly got NewS’s debut song stuck in my head. XD Well classes are starting in 30 minutes. So Hasta la vista!

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