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Stay calm, Hondai

HondaiMood: Going crazy @~@;;
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So… I have too much to blog about. I guess you can choose to read the?normal?part and the part that?I’m going crazy.?*__* you chhoooooseee or maybe read?both. Just for fun.

Part one:?Hondai goes insane

OMG!?Tegoshi Yuya of NewS Gets to go to Thailand.?I’m so jealous!!! Out of all places he went to Krabi… Which I believe is the location of the place I want to go back once again. I remember it was at Krabi. That beach I went… when I was 8 or 9 or was it 10 I think? It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. We had to ride the boat and swam into the cave to get to the other side. And there it was… that beach. Gahhh!! Tegoshi gets to go there! He gets to go there!!! HE gets to go there!

WHYYY!? I mean, at first I was jealous of the people who gets to see him at the airport and all. But now I’m jealous of HIM that he gets to go to the one place that I wanted to go back to…. for a very long time now.

GRRRRR! If it was to be the perfect thing is if I get to show him that place. Hahahaha! If only it was that I will be extremely happy!

I wonder if he sang there.?:) I mean, it’s a place that would make you want to sing. With his angelic voice. The place will just shine. Hahaha. GAH! I’m done. I’m not angry anymore. More like I’m happy that he get’s to go to the place that I love. .__.;; only regret that?I didn’t get to show him?around that place.My favorite guy and my favorite place.?*sighs*?I hope he liked it. If he doesn’t. I don’t like that.?Grrrr ~~~

Part two:?A good day! 😀

I’ll refrain from my insanity from the first part.

Today was such a weird day. X_x I missed?SmaSma?this morning because my computer is still half broken. But then Ampy needed to go to Seattle for some Business so then I decided to go with her. 😀 I got all dressed up. I liked my hair today! >__<

We went to the U-district street and ate some Pho. It was?very good!?It actually tasted similar to Thai noodles. It brings back good memories. Hahaha. Made me want to go back to Thailand.

Then after we’re done with our business at SCCC we stop by my dad’s Quiznos shop. 😀 My dad looked pretty surprise when he saw me. Hahahahaha. Is it that weird for my to stop by there on a day that I don’t work? Then we grabbed tea at Shinka tea.

On the way home I?bumped into my friend?Shem from school on the bus. It was pretty funny. Then after a lot of people left the bus I moved to sit closer to my mom and found out that my brother was riding the same bus x_X There were so many people on the bus when we got on that I didn’t notice my brother was there.

Weird day. And Oh, I found out some news when I was looking for some?Tegoshi icons. Weird weird! Well… the news is the reason for my rant and insanity of part one. Hahahaha|||||

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