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Tegoshi Boots

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Right now I’m at Cascadia?(The college I take classes at)?because I have a?ton?of work to finish. I’ll be honest, I’ve been slacking off.

I got a new Yu Gi Oh! game the other day and I kept playing it! Not only that, I just…?won’t?do my assignments. And the reason was just because?“I don’t feel like it”. That’s how I use to be in 8th and 9th grade (the maplestory era of my life) and I don’t like that. So I’m here to make sure I do my work!?But I still got distracted by this didn’t I??Hahaha

Oh! I also got new boots~ I call them my “Tegoshi Boots” because they look like ones that Tegoshi wear often. Normal people would call them combat boots though.?(I’m gunna stick with Tegoshi Boots though Muahahaha)?Seems like Tegoshi like wearing boots… Ampy does too. Ampy talks about shoes too much. She can open a shoe shop with all the shoes she has under her bed. o3o;; I have a picture of my “Tegoshi Boots” on my phone. 😀 Maybe I should post it here when I get home. I love them! I feel like I can kick some butts when I wear them.

My friend Mei-chan said I was weird yesterday because we were talking about something. Then I kept saying“You know… that guy”?when usually I would just go forward saying?“Tegoshi that..! Tegoshi this…!”?She was like?“Wowo,?(thats what she calls me)?why are you being shy saying Tegoshi’s name?”. Well I don’t know! I feel like I say?“TEGOSHI”?way tooooooooo much. Just try count how many times I said Tegoshi in this blog. I finally got the habit of stop talking about Athrun and SMAP to random people now I end up talking about Tegoshi. *punch self* idols, cool guys, good singers. How annoying!!!! The next thing you know I would start talking about?Kamenashi of KAT-TUN?!??No Thanks!?(I have nothing against Kame! Sorry Kame fans) *hides*

Oh! and on the same day I got my Tegoshi Boots I got new sneakers too. My sister said they look diva. Hahaha, my sister has been saying I dress like a diva lately. I guess it’s sorta true but I don’t look bad in that style. 😀 Plus… I don’t look so “diva” wearing these “diva” stuff. Hahaha I haven’t wore my diva sneakers anywhere yet though. I’ll still make sure I take post a picture of them here though. 😀

Anyway, break time is over. Back to homework!?Bye Bee!!!|||||

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