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Osu! The PP Climb

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So a little update on my Osu journey.. it looks like I’m climbing the PP ranking much faster than I thought. The last time I posted about Osu my PP was sitting at 629 PP. Now it’s at 709 LOL. Looks like I’m going to reach my 800 PP goal even before the end of next month if I keep going at this rate.

To be honest though, I wasn’t really focusing on gaining PP. I just wanted to get better at the keyboard x tablet playstyle. Thankfully, I got much better than last update. I can now play songs that I used to play on the mouse and some even harder songs \^-^/ yay go me! Though I still struggle at accuracy… I’ll probably work more on that later. I find that playing a lot of different maps is a much better way to practice than playing the same map over and over again (duh). It’s also a much better way to gain PP because no matter what map you play, you’ll still get a fraction PP. I also push myself to try harder maps several times before giving up on it on the first time. Sometimes when you start a new map, you just got to get into the groove and the rest of the map becomes a breeze. Also, my idol Choi stop by my stream today. Yay! He probably thinks I’m a scrub (I am LOL) but I’m glad he stop by. 😀 I hope I can meet more people that play Osu and be part of a community. Most no… All of my current friends don’t play Osu regularly. I guess it’s a side game for most people.

Anyways, not much to say besides that. Just wanted to leave a benchmark of my progress so I can remember how fast/slow I am improving.

Current PP 709.. I wonder if I can reach 1k by the end of the year or is that aiming too high (; A;)

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