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Wall of Johnnys

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Working on😕True Magic’s update
Watching: Hotelier [Korean Drama]

Ophew! this week hasn’t been that busy. But for some reason I feel more tired than the other weeks. *0* I wonder why. Anyway, I think I remember mentioning that my room has a?very?boring?white wall. Well, I guess Amp and I found a way to?pimp?make our wall more interesting.

This is the view from my bed?(It’s a top bunk). What I see first thing in the morning.

Yes, I know a wall full of posters of?Johnny’s. Well, the official posters are the?SMAP?poster?(the biggest one)and?Tegomass?Pin-up?(two guys under SMAP one)?and maybe you can include?Yamapi(next to the mirror on the left)?too. The two roll-outs of Hey! Say! Jump and Arashi are extras that came with the Magazine we bought. So we were like?“Eh, why not just put them on the wall too?”

But I realize that I look kinda like a psycho fangirl. =.+;; Trust me Ampy and I aren’t that crazy. Well… maybe I can go?crazy over Tegoshi like I go crazy over Athrun?but it’s not not?that?bad! I don’t harass the posters!…. I just find myself complaining to the Tegomass pin-up while using the mirror when I’m home alone?sometimes though. ‘-‘;; Hahahaha…?(Psych!)

My body is twitching for some weird reason. Maybe I need some sleep. It’s very?late?early in the morning. Oops. Well, later everyone! *0*/

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