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I’m 20! The big two and zero. I remember back when I was young I though of 20 year old people to be adults. Adults as in like they would be wearing formal clothing, tube skirts heels, suits and driving to work. Well, I guess it’s MUCH different from what I thought 10 years ago.

1. I can’t drive
2. I don’t wear heels.. In fact I have a hard time walking in them.
3. I hate tube skirts !! And it’s not really a must for office wear anymore.
4. I don’t even work LOL well I do but it’s at a sandwich shop owned by my parents

As for my 20th birthday? It was great!! I don’t honestly expect much from my birthdays because in the past years not much happens. Not that I mind it or anything, I’m actually completely fine with that. Especially when it feels like your birthday comes up more and more often the older you get. But because I didn’t expect the typical birthday surprises, my mom and brother actually surprised me!! Knocked on my door, “Happy birthday!!!” they said holding a gift bag and flowers. My brother got me the latest iPod touch, I also got chocolate, and some nail art stuff!

On the morning of my birthday of course the first person I get to see is Max and I spent the rest of my birthday with him. We went to eat pizza and he got me a cute new forest friend!! Hehehehe I’m loving my collection of plush, l never grow old from them. >w< he even got me a cute little cake and the candles matched what I was wearing that day. Polk dots and stripes HARHAR!

I appreciate the many wishes I get from people in person, text, online friends, Facebook and my YouTube fans. Makes me realize how many people actually spent at least a split second to think about me for a day 本当にありがとうございます。(^з^)-☆

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