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    Back Home

    I can’t believe I’ve been home in Washington State for almost a month now. Every thing just went by so fast, I forget what was happening. Recently I’ve been getting inspiration of getting back into Web Designing again. I made some sample web pages just for practice. I might re-open TrueMagic at this point. I can never leave my origin on the internet, the anime graphic design community <3 I sure miss everyone. Talking about home, I’ve been doing some minor job searches but today was the first day I started applying. I have a fear that I’ll end up doing a job I dislike again. I’m afraid of how…

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    Living in California has been a very interesting experience to me. One of my favorite things about my time in California is definitely taking a small trip to San Francisco. After the many visits there are several things that appeal to me in the city. One of that includes Japanese food! There is a restaurant in SF’s Japantown called On The Bridge: it is literally on the bridge that connects the east and west wing of the plaza. I think what attracted me to this restaurant the most is the fact that it is quite difficult finding Youshoku in the states. We have one in downtown Seattle, but the menu is…

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    Last Day in Elk Grove

    Today is my last day in Elk Grove. This day should have been months ago but for some reason it is set to be today. Frankly, I always thought moving was fun, my previous move was bitter sweet: I was looking forward to it. This time around I fall in the category of depressed and unsure about what I want. Life is such a weird thing. The people who surround you really can change your point of view of the world. signing off Sonata in Elk Grove for the last time. Good bye folks