Month: March 2016

Back Home

I can’t believe I’ve been home in Washington State for almost a month now. Every thing just went by so fast, I forget what was happening. Recently I’ve been getting inspiration of getting back into Web Designing again. I made some sample web pages just for practice. I might re-open TrueMagic at this point. I can never leave my origin on the internet, the anime graphic design community <3 I sure miss everyone.

Talking about home, I’ve been doing some minor job searches but today was the first day I started applying. I have a fear that I’ll end up doing a job I dislike again. I’m afraid of how picky I am and I realize how wishy washy I am in my current state. I’m a little lost in what ‘career’ to pursue. When I was young, I always aspire to be a web designer. I’m not too sure at what point I stop believing and felt like it was something impossible for me. Looking back at myself, why did I gave up so easily?

In any case, I think I will explore a little bit more in terms of career. I think I’ve broken it down to two major careers, localization and front end developer. I’m still young, I’m younger than I think I am. For the most part, I wanna take this a little bit more slowly than I did with college. When the time comes, I do plan on going back to school for more skill sets and make connections and friends!


Just a little picture of my messy but cozy work space at home ^_^

I feel so dam fat

Ugh… I’ll get right on point, I feel so dam fat. It’s so annoying to see myself in the mirror and to frown and think, I used to be so skinny. I really used to be skinny, hovering around 89-92 lbs. At one point I dropped to 84 lbs and I still look healthy (I had a small belly and you can’t see my bones). Trust me, my body was probably designed to be around 90 lbs even with muscles.

With all that information, you know how fat I am now? I’m at 108 lbs! = = To a lot of people they’re say, “you’re so skinny!” but I know myself best, I gained 20 lbs and that’s not a good thing

iPhone pics 881

Me in June 2014 aprox 89 lbs


Me in July 2015.. aprox 100 lbs

You probably can’t see the difference but, my tummy got bigger, my thighs got fatter, my face got rounder and my arms got bigger. ARG! The only good thing is that my boobs got bigger (LOL)


Why did I got in a habit of eating such junky food when I didn’t exercise much. Why is it so embarrassing to work out in front of people I know. = = why was my 10 hour shift so tiring.

Now that I’m back home, I really hope I can get back into a good habit of not pigging out too much and especially to motivate myself to exercise! I really want to get back to 90 lbs.


Living in California has been a very interesting experience to me. One of my favorite things about my time in California is definitely taking a small trip to San Francisco.

After the many visits there are several things that appeal to me in the city. One of that includes Japanese food! There is a restaurant in SF’s Japantown called On The Bridge: it is literally on the bridge that connects the east and west wing of the plaza. I think what attracted me to this restaurant the most is the fact that it is quite difficult finding Youshoku in the states. We have one in downtown Seattle, but the menu is very small and the food quality there is average. On the Bridge on the other hand though is hands down amazing!


All time favorite LocoMoco from On The Bridge


Some Melon Soda Cocktail. Very tasty and cute

I would usually come here with my brother Oran since he is a fellow foodie who also lives in California, in fact, he’s the one who showed me this place! I’m really glad he did because every time I go to SF with other people, I would take them here to watch their reaction. It is kinda sad that youshoku isn’t so popular in the states. I can see why it is hard to appeal to Americans, who would want to eat western food made by Japanese? If people want Japanese food, they would be looking for sushi, ramen, udon, you know, the more commonly known food in the Japanese Cuisine. I am really craving some Youshoku right now 🙁 I guess On The Bridge will definitely be one of the things I miss about living in California.

So far living back at home does feel a lot more refreshing. I guess its because I feel like doing more stuff than just staying on the computer and eating take out all the time.

I originally intended this entry to be about my San Francisco trips but I had to cut short because I am getting way too distracted and I really don’t want this to get stuck in draft again.

It’s 2:22 AM, time to go to bed!

Last Day in Elk Grove

Today is my last day in Elk Grove. This day should have been months ago but for some reason it is set to be today. Frankly, I always thought moving was fun, my previous move was bitter sweet: I was looking forward to it. This time around I fall in the category of depressed and unsure about what I want.

Life is such a weird thing. The people who surround you really can change your point of view of the world.

signing off Sonata in Elk Grove for the last time.

Good bye folks